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2018 will see more security conscious initiatives evolve, and we will now  only sell our badges to persons with ID, we may check your information before dispatching goods, we reserve the right to cancel any order that we deem not appropriate.

Take a photo of your Security or Drivers licence, send that information to us, Just click the image on the left to open your email to send it.
Phones are generally off after 5pm, but we are available till 9pm via email to answer any questions you may have.
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We may be able to answer your questions to save you time. . . .  Our most asked Questions

Q: Can I lawfully own, collect or purchase a badge as a gift?
A: Yes, it is not an offence to own a badge, it is unlawful to impersonate an officer, source ( VICPOL )
Q: Can I swap a wallet for a badge belt holder?
A: Yes, if in stock, just leave a message at checkout, where we ask you where you found us, and we will happily do that for you.
Q: Can I use a badge in my security business?
AYes,  A badge is an ID enhancement, and has no authority, some like them and bulk by for there staff to show professionalism, some don't like wearing a fire arm, a badge is the same, it is personal choice.
Q: When will you post my badge and wallet?
ADispatches, are made daily before 8:am or then on the next working day, EXPRESS, allow an extra day, as our mail may be picked up at our door by Australia Post, and wont go to the sorting center until that evening.
Q: Can I order a Police Badge or a Copy of a Police Badge?
A: NO, Dont Ask unless you are a serving member, emails will not be answered


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