With many requests for information

about owning a badge, please read below. 

 " Our Badges can be Purchased by Security Staff, Collectors and can be purchased as gifts by the general public  " FOR SECURITY REASONS We also ask you to supply your photo ID, collectors, or if a gift, your drivers license. If in doubt about using a badge, we always encourage you to check your  Country laws, as we ship world wide to United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Spain & Germany, also some countries and states may not permit the use of badges, this you must assess for your self.

Some also ask about using the Gold Crown, This crown is not specific to any one country, as there are many different countries that actually use crowns. Our Crown badges are sold world wide to professionals and collectors.

POLICE BADGES OR RE-MADE BADGES to look like a SECURITY BADGE - these badges are basically fakes, Copyright infringement, etc may apply, and in some states it may be an offence to own a police badge altered or not,  you may be asked to supply proof of purchase, Police auction, etc if you can not do so, it may be up to a magistrate to decide if you are guilty of a crime ( Breach of Copyright - Possession of a fake badge, etc ) 


There is no offence to being in possession of a badge , 
( it is an offence if a person is identifying / impersonating them self as a Police member )

This would also extend to any Officer, of any Government Agency within Australia.