Badges with a warranty in our store have a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty, photo will be on the listing if it has the 5 year warranty, example Photo is on the right. Custom made badges are covered by the warranty

. Warranty Covers:

  • Flaking of the Badge
  • Colour Fade
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Center Resin Fading
  • Wallet Stitching

Warranty Does not Cover:

  • Normal badge wear and tear
  • Scratching of the surface
  • Wallet Windows

Badge Wallets must be stored in your shirt pocket, or front trouser pocket, not your rear trouser pocket, this will enhance the life of your wallet and badge. Warranty is not transferable to any third party. Warranty is for a badge replacement only, if unavailable, you may choose another badge, not cash back. Your claim will be assessed once you have returned the badge for inspection at your cost, customer pays all freight. You must contact us via email should you have a problem. This warranty is offered in addition to the Australian standard warranty of goods.

Warranty excludes badges sold as seconds or where a defect is in the description.

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