Robert was personally involved within the security industry as a licensed officer, Duties were varied, from office administration, cash pickups, alarm responses, as well as night patrols, It is a profession to be proud of, and you should always try to reflect that trust & image upon the public, as most professional security offices do, a badge also identifies you immediately as a respected member of your chosen profession to the public and serving Police members, they will get to know you as true professional, if you are genuine about your career. Security Supplies has been serving the security industry worldwide from Tasmania since June 2004 with a range of security ID products. Our On-line Store is a leader in Custom made Badges as well as security products, Our store is recognized internationally for the ability to deliver on time. Robert personally checks every item before dispatch to you, so you only get the very best quality item.

ENFORCER Badges, We ship Australia wide, and also to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Our Round Security Badge`s have been vetted by the Australian Federal Police ( Strategic Comms ) so you can be assured that this designed badge does not infringe any Australian copyrights.