If you do not have this required information, we will not commission a badge for you.


  1. You must be a serving Police officer or an official Purchasing officer for a Police Department.
  2. You must obtain official approval from your most senior station officer in witting on an official Police letterhead, stating you have contacted your LRD and can confirm in writing that there is no issue in regards to breaching copyright of the badge, The State involve d is generally the Australian registered trade mark owner of said badge and of the Police crest. As the owner of this registered trade mark, the State has exclusive rights under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth) (Act) and authority to re make a badge must be granted, and you must assume all legal responsibility for copyright and commissioning issues should they arise as is stated in the contract of sale.
  3. Once verified that you can lawfully request Police badge/s to be commissioned, you must read our store sales terms, ( contract ) and agree to them in full without reservation.
  4. Once the above steps have been completed, you will need to supply your photo ID, we will arrange a time to call you direct at your station to confirm your identity.
  5. We can now proceed with your quotation.
  6. This document will form the initial part of the ( contract ) of sales as stated within our sales terms