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Last Updated 25th September, 2022

Putin Orders Partial Mobilization, Threatens Nuclear Strikes

A sign that Russia’s war against Ukraine will escalate

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened on September 21 to use “all means necessary” to achieve Moscow’s aims against Ukraine, even mentioning nuclear strikes, and ordered a “partial mobilization” of Russian reserve forces. The moves show that Putin is prepared to dramatically escalate the war in order to achieve his dark ambitions.

“In the event of a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people, we will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us,” Putin said in a rare prerecorded speech to his nation. And it should be noted that the speech came just one day after a plan was put in place to make the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk official parts of Russian territory..........Read More, click image

Last Updated September 21st 2022

From Rubble to the Most Powerful Army in Europe

The German Army needs to become the best equipped force in Europe. This was German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s plea at a two-day conference of the German armed forces on September 15–16, titled “The Bundeswehr in a New Era—Taking Critical Stock at a Time of War in Europe.” “As the most populous country with the greatest economic power and as a country in the middle of the Continent, our army must become the cornerstone of conventional defense in Europe: the best-equipped force in Europe,” he said. Though it is easy to brush aside the abundance of rhetoric coming out of Germany right now, it is paramount we understand its goals.

While there is much talk about standing in solidarity with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union, Germany is increasingly focusing on its own armed forces. France has also pledged to increase its military defense, but Germany pledges to become the biggest military contributor in the EU. Germany wants to lead.

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Last Updated 16th September, 2022

Iran Tries to Steal U.S. Navy Drones

Iran’s aggression in the Red Sea is more dangerous than you think.

Iranian Navy destroyer Jamaran seized two of the United States Navy’s sea drones on September 1. The Navy responded by sending two of its guided-missile destroyers, uss Nitze and uss Delbert D. Black, to retrieve the stolen drones. The Iranians attempted to hide the large drones under tarps but ultimately cast them overboard as the U.S. destroyers approached.

Following the failed theft, Iranian state television claimed the Jamaran found the drones abandoned and endangering shipping traffic. “After two warnings to an American destroyer to prevent possible incidents, Jamaran seized the two vessels [and] released the vessels in a safe area.”

The 5th Fleet said the unarmed, commercially available Saildrone Explorers were “taking unclassified photos of the surrounding environment while loitering in an assigned patrol area at least 4 nautical miles from the nearest maritime traffic lane. The vessels posed no risk to naval traffic and had been operating in the general vicinity of the Southern Red Sea for more than 200 consecutive days without incident.”

The drones didn’t escape unscathed as ..........Read More, click image

Last Updated September 15th 2022

Germany’s Secret Chemical Weapons Program

German businesses may have exported toxic chemicals to aid Russia’s chemical weapons program. The exported chemicals could be used as precursors for the production of chemical and biological warfare agents, such as mustard gas.

The public prosecutor’s office confirmed to ndr, wdr and Süddeutsche Zeitung that searches had been carried out in seven German companies. At the center of the investigation is Riol Chemie GmbH. Between November 2019 and March 2021, around 30 deliveries were allegedly organized by company officials. Despite their “very small quantities,” they can be used to produce chemical and biological warfare agents, Süddeutsche Zeitung noted. The recipient is said to be Khimmed, a Russian wholesaler of chemicals and laboratory equipment based in Moscow. According to the journalism network occrp, Khimmed has partnered with the Russian military and the Russian domestic intelligence agency fsb. Russia may not be dependent on the imports of certain......

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Last Updated 14th September, 2022

Biden Administration Fills Vending Machines With Drug Paraphernalia

Since the launch of Operation Lone Star, the Texas Department of Public Safety has seized over 335 million doses of fentanyl being smuggled into the United States. Yet rather than help Texas protect the U.S. southern border from drug traffickers, the Biden administration is passing out free syringes. According to a U.S. National Institutes of Health grant awarded last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is about to spend $3.6 million on vending machines filled with “injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms and other supplies.”

These vending machines will be set up in rural Kentucky in an effort to reduce the stigma for drug addicts. Biden’s drug policy czar, Dr. Rahul Gupta, is a strong proponent of safe injection sites, which allow addicts to inject themselves with dangerous substances like heroin and fentanyl in an environment supervised by medical professionals. But apparently, some addicts feel stigmatized when they use such sites. So the government is spending millions on vending machines where addicts can anonymously get clean syringes to shoot themselves up with heroin, fentanyl and other narcotics.

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Why the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth ii is a milestone in world history

Queen Elizabeth ii, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died today. She was immediately succeeded by her son, now King Charles iii.

The Queen had been a remarkable example of class, duty and service to her people. Sadly, she represented an era in British history that is virtually gone.

The new king has hinted at plans to take the royal family in a new direction, with a scaled-back public role, a smaller core of working royals, and a loosening of ties with Commonwealth nations.

“[T]he Queen is an irreplaceable constant in the life of the British nation,” British journalist Melanie Phillips wrote last year.

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Record German Arms Exports, but Not Enough for Ukraine?

Germany has long used its military weakness as an excuse to exploit the U.S. military umbrella.

The German government has so far approved arms exports worth around €5.1 billion (us$5.1 billion) this year. This is an enormous increase of more than €2 billion compared to the same period last year, which already broke all records. But as Spiegel Online wrote on August 31, “Ukraine is hardly a factor here.” Ironically in the same week as the new record was announced, the German government stated that it had reached its limits in its support for Ukraine.

“[W]e are reaching the limits of what we can hand over from the Bundeswehr” to Ukraine, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht claimed on September 6. Lambrecht said sending more weapons would risk Germany’s own security. Yet it appears that Germany has plenty for other countries. Of the €5.1 billion in arms exports, Ukraine only received €686 million—and that after considerable domestic and international pressure.

Many wonder if Germany really can’t provide more aid to Ukraine or if it just doesn’t want to. Germany has been quite content letting the United States pay for its security while maintaining good relations with Russia. In contrast to Germany’s sparse support, the Biden administration has approved about $13.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

“It is dangerous to be rich and weak,..... READ MORE, Cliclk the image

Last Updated 23rd August 2022

Could Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Be Resurrected?

Neither Donald Trump nor Benjamin Netanyahu are known for giving up easily. But did they give up on this deal? By Joshua Taylor - August 22

United States President Donald Trump gave former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu his approval to annex parts of the West Bank in a letter leaked to the Jerusalem Post. The three-page letter, dated Jan. 26, 2020, detailed parts of Trump’s “deal of the century,” which was announced two days later. The Jerusalem Post quoted Donald Trump, saying, “[T]he United States will recognize Israeli sovereignty in those areas of the West Bank that my vision contemplates as being part of Israel.” In exchange, Netanyahu would recognize the creation of a future Palestinian state.

Unsurprisingly, the letter didn’t cause much of a reaction in the legacy news media. The few outlets that covered the story attempted to use it as a wedge between Trump’s family and Benjamin Netanyahu. The letter appears to contradict Jared Kushner’s new memoir Breaking History: A White House Memoir. In it, he says Netanyahu’s announcement on January 29 to move forward with annexation “in the coming days” blindsided them. In response to Kushner’s book, a spokesman for Netanyahu said the allegations were “utterly baseless.”

The media’s contempt for Netanyahu and President Trump is important to remember. That contempt drove their response to “the deal of the century.” In fact, a big reason why the peace deal ultimately failed was due to the media’s concentrated barrage of misinformation and vitriol against the deal. At the time, the media claimed the deal allowed Israel to annex parts of the West Bank immediately and unconditionally. But that simply wasn’t true. As this leaked letter proves, before Israel could annex the promised 30 percent, it had to agree to the creation of a Palestinian state. Thus, one of the key stipulations of the deal would be the realization of the West’s two-state solution.

One might argue that this seems like a small price to pay on Israel’s part. But consider these are the same people who have called for Israel’s destruction. To place an independent Palestinian state within Israel’s borders is no small ask. Imagine making New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio their own country. Now imagine filling it with missiles and religious zealots whose stated holy mission was the destruction of America. That is the situation Israel faces right now.

The real problem for the media and the West’s liberal elite was the conditions the deal placed on the Palestinians. If the Palestinians agreed to reject terrorism, renounce any intention to destroy Israel, and make real tangible efforts toward peace with Israel, they would receive an independent state. The liberal media establishment believed Trump would never go through with a Palestinian state. Thus, they condemned the deal as “a smokescreen for annexation.”

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The Federal Bureau of Fabrication

The Federal Bureau of Fabrication

Intelligence agents are using lies to keep the Obama-Biden regime in power.

How far will the Federal Bureau of Investigation go? It lied to obtain a warrant to spy on the campaign of Donald Trump in 2016. It contorted itself to avoid political harm to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It raided the homes and offices of three of the president’s attorneys in 2018, 2021 and again this year. It raided the apartment of an investigative journalist to intimidate those who published information relating to Joe Biden. It has confronted people who have worked with the president, seizing their phones and even putting one in jail for a short time. And it has infamously put dozens of less powerful Trump supporters in jail without trial or any semblance of due process for more than a year.

It is now undeniable that the fbi has been weaponized against conservatives.

According to a report from investigative journalist Paul Sperry, the fbi agents and officials who were involved in the raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home work in the same Counterintelligence Division that investigated Trump during the Russiagate hoax. Many of the same people currently under investigation for manufacturing evidence saying Trump illegally colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election are now searching through Melania Trump’s wardrobe for anything they can use against her husband.

Instead of presenting actual evidence that President Trump committed a crime that must be investigated, the fbi simply authorized agents to seize “any government and/or Presidential Records made” during Trump’s term in office. The American people should not be surprised at this level of corruption.

The fbi is morphing into the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.

Do not expect fbi Director Christopher Wray or his underlings to apologize for their role in spreading Russiagate and numerous other hoaxes. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on August 4, four days before the Mar-a-Lago raid, Wray refused to confirm that the Russia collusion story was a hoax or that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian disinformation (despite overwhelming evidence that Trump was innocent and Hunter was guilty).

Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked Wray, “Do you... read more, click the image

Last Updated 22nd August 2022

Why is Germany focused on Yugoslavia?

Germany is sending 25 soldiers into Bosnia by mid-September to “ensure that the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for October 2 are free and fair,” Spiegel Online wrote on August 15 (Trumpet translation throughout). Germany hopes to discourage a Russia-backed Serb separatist movement within the country. But locals in the region accuse Germany of wanting to sway elections in favor of the Croatian ethnic minority.

The German Bundestag approved a total of 50 personnel for the mission in July. The first nine, under the leadership of Lt. Col. Stefan Hofmeister, arrived on Tuesday; 25 will be in place by mid-September. The soldiers are part of the European Union’s peacekeeping mission eufor, which has increased its troops from 600 to 1,100 in the region since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.    Read more click the image

Why Is China’s Top Spy Ship Docking in Sri Lanka?

Why Is China’s Top Spy Ship Docking in Sri Lanka?

China’s most capable spy ship, the Yuan Wang 5, arrived at Sri Lanka’s port of Hambantota on August 16, in the latest sign that the island nation could soon host a Chinese naval base.

Despite China’s claims to the contrary, the Yuan Wang 5 is understood to be under the command of the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army. Security experts say it is used to monitor satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as surface activities up to 450 miles away. “The vessel has state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the newest generations of tracking ships in the Chinese Navy,” India Today wrote.

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said it has authorized the ship to remain in Hambantota until August 22 to refuel and resupply on the condition that it would refrain from conducting research in Sri Lankan waters. In response to criticism from India and the United States, Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said: “Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and makes its own independent decisions.”

But the reality is that Sri Lanka is profoundly beholden to Beijing and makes many decisions in accordance with China’s will. In the 2000s, the Sri Lankan government started borrowing heavily from the Chinese. Then in 2013, Chinese Secretary General Xi Jinping rolled out his Belt and Road Initiative (bri), a plan to loan poorer nations cash to build infrastructure to tightly link them into Chinese trade. Sri Lanka was among the earliest and most eager nations to sign on. It welcomed infusions of Chinese money to build several infrastructure projects, including the Hambantota port on Sri Lanka’s southern coast.

This port is at a key location for the maritime “road” part of China’s bri. But for the Sri Lankan economy, the project was a lead balloon. Instead of fueling growth, the Hambantota port (and other Chinese-funded infrastructure projects) sank Sri Lanka deeply into unsustainable debt. By 2016, more than 30 percent of government revenue was spent servicing Chinese loans, and the intensifying strain forced Sri Lanka to seek bailouts from the International Monetary Fund. From there, Sri Lanka’s circumstances only got worse.

In 2017, as pressure intensified, Sri Lanka’s government decided that its only option was to give China a controlling stake in the Hambantota port for 99 years. The transfer set off alarms around the world because of its considerable military implications. “The acquisition provided Beijing with a deepwater port in the region in which it can dock its navy, off the coast of its key regional competitor, India,” Foreign Policy wrote on Oct. 29, 2018.

The handover was a national security calamity for Sri Lanka, and this week’s docking of the Yuan Wang 5 shows that fears about its military implications were well founded.

Sri Lanka is struggling through the most severe economic crisis in its post-independence history. And since China..... Read More, click link

China eyes Solomons tuna | FFA's TunaPacific: Fisheries news and views

China to Buy Strategic Deepwater Port in Solomon Islands

‘Australia should be worried about it.’

China is preparing to buy a Solomon Islands plantation that features a deep-water port and an airstrip, Four Corners reported on August 1. China watchers view it as the latest signal of Beijing’s intention to build a naval base on the island nation.

The Chinese Communist Party is working through the state-owned company China Forestry Group to acquire the 55-square-mile plantation, called Kolombangara Forest Products. The property lies on the island of Kolombangara and includes what Solomon Island officials say is the nation’s best natural deep-water port.

“It’s exceptionally deep,” Edwin Schramm, general manager of the plantation, told Four Corners. He calculates the port’s depth to be 130 to 165 feet near the wharf, and 65 feet at the wharf itself. Schramm said this depth makes it a “really well-suited natural port for big vessels to come in and berth.”

Plantation employees believe this port is what drew the Chinese to the Kolombangara property. When a Chinese delegation visited, employees say they showed almost no interest in the island’s other features, and asked a series of questions about the port.

If the Chinese make the property a base for the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the implications will be particularly serious for Australia, which relies on the shipping lanes near Solomon Islands and elsewhere in the South Pacific.

“Australia should be worried about it,” Silas Tausinga, a Solomon Islander member of Parliament, told Four Corners. “To suggest that we should have another country coming in here as a security partner, to even suggest the idea of having to build a military base, who are we building a military base for? Who are our enemies?”

This purchase plan is clearly not about safeguarding Solomon Islands from any would-be enemies, but about positioning the Chinese to push against theirs.

It was only in 2019 that the Chinese convinced the Solomon Islands’ leadership to switch diplomatic loyalty from Taiwan to China. The Trumpet said at the time that the move advanced “China’s quest to dominate vital shipping lanes in the South Pacific.” Then this March, a leaked draft showed that Solomon Islander Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was forging a security pact with Beijing that would legally authorize China to station troops and armaments in Solomon Islands.

The latest news about the Kolombangara plantation suggests that China is now close to putting its new legal latitude to use.

Iran World War 111

Iran Escalates Nuclear Threats

In the middle of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the Islamic regime has begun openly discussing its intentions to produce nuclear weapons. Iran’s Bisimichi media group, sponsored by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, released a video on July 30 threatening to turn New York City into radioactive ruins. Is this merely another escalation of aggressive rhetoric, or is it a prelude to Iran becoming a much greater threat on the world scene?

The video, titled “When Will Iran’s Nuclear Bombs Wake Up From Their Sleep?”, boasted that Iran’s nuclear program “has struck fear and horror in the hearts of the Westerners and the Zionist regime” and claimed that Iranian scientists are only “one step away from a nuclear breakthrough.” It stated what the Trumpet has long warned would happen: “In the blink of an eye,” Iran can “transform its … nuclear program into an atomic military program and make the nightmare of Israel and the West come true.” The video also boasted that Iran can transform New York City into a “heap of rubble.”  Read more click the image

The feds are not buying assault rifles to crack down on fraudulent W-4 forms.


What is Mar-a-Lago? Trump's 'winter White House' at the centre of FBI  investigation | Mar-a-Lago | The Guardian


Is this ‘deep state’ attack really just about the National Archives?

Dozens of armed agents working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided United States President Donald Trump’s home yesterday, breaking into his safe and confiscating memos, letters, e-mails and documents. What is the legal justification for the raid? That is somewhat hazy, but it reportedly involves retrieving classified information in relation to the National Archives and the Presidential Records Act.

The New York Post reported that the warrant was approved by a Florida federal magistrate judge who once worked as an attorney for people close to serial pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


More details are coming out about the 9½-hour FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, where 30 FBI agents even went through Melania’s closet and Mr. Trump’s desk drawers. The judge who approved the raid is the same judge who defended Jeffrey Epstein for 10 years and worked to defend his clients and colleagues. Compare this to the FBI’s treatment of James Comey after he was fired by Donald Trump: Comey stored memos containing classified information in a safe in his home, and the DOJ didn’t prosecute him for it even after he refused to hand them over.

31:50 Opening Shots of Civil War (24 minutes)

The FBI’s invasion of Mar-a-Lago has polarized an already divided America. The double standard of justice is blatantly obvious; the same FBI that raided Mar-a-Lago is currently protecting Hunter Biden’s house. Last night, Will Cain (standing in for Tucker Carlson) said on Fox News that “we’re starting to see what a permanent national split looks like—a divorce.” In a January 2017 Trumpet article, Gerald Flurry warned of “America’s coming civil war.” The Trumpet stood alone in 2017; now even secular commentators are floating the possibility of martial law and civil war.

UN: ‘Nuclear Annihilation’ Is at the Door

UN: ‘Nuclear Annihilation’ Is at the Door

Russia Has Made Ukraine Region an ‘Abyss of Fear and Wild Lawlessness’
Russia Has Made Ukraine Region an ‘Abyss of Fear and Wild Lawlessness’

American politicians flaunting blatant hypocrisy are sending you a message.

When a covid-positive president took his mask off while standing alone on the South Portico of the White House, journalists went into a frenzy. One at cnn compared it to “something out of North Korea.” Another at msnbc called it a “Mussolini moment.” When another covid-positive individual stood at the same portico at the same White House, maskless, the reaction was pointedly different.

Can you guess which one was Donald Trump and which one was Joe Biden?

Joe Biden announced from the White House balcony on Thursday that he had tested positive for covid. He said he’d been double-vaccinated and double-boosted and was feeling good. And no, the propaganda journalists did not fill the headlines with “maskless,” “infected,” “sick,” “still contagious,” “toxic” and comparisons to megalomaniacs and dictators. But they did that when President Trump had covid.

Biden has officially contracted the same virus that journalists spent more than a year obsessing over and posting death counts for, the same virus that Biden amplified with a candlelit memorial at that same portico last February. Journalists tried to whip up a scandal when Trump had the virus. This time, when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked the important question of how Biden—who presumably uses the best pharmaceutical and other countermeasures in the world, along with everyone around him—contracted the virus, she replied, “I don’t think that matters.”

The double standard is obvious. But that’s the point.

Biden and the people controlling him know
COVID Rules for Thee, Not for the Elite
How COVID Apps Escalated in China

A warning to the Western world
How COVID Apps Escalated in China
...........................................................................................................................................Read more, click above links

Texas Orders Troopers to Deport Migrants

Texas Orders Troopers to Deport Migrants

Biden Sells U.S. Oil to Chinese Company With Ties to Hunter

The Biden administration has sold nearly a million barrels of oil to a Chinese state-owned firm, the Washington Free Beacon reported on July 7. This discovery comes after the Department of Energy announced in April that it would be dipping into the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to offset “Putin’s price hike.”

“The Biden administration has taken significant steps to address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump as a result of Putin’s price hike and to help lower energy costs,” the announcement read. The idea is that putting more oil in the global economy would increase supply, thereby reducing demand and costs.

Thus, the U.S. has been releasing about a million barrels of oil a day, every day for the last two months. However, there are several problems with this approach.

First, nearly 1 million barrels were sold to Unipec, the trading arm of Sinopec, the China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. This company promised to stop buying Russian oil.

But it still buys Russian oil.

China is Russia’s chief ally. Therefore, this state-owned oil company has.. read more, click above link

Germany Equips China Against America’s Will

Germans Fear Poverty and World War III

Germans Fear Poverty and World War III

Five Chinese Companies Give Key Support to Russia’s Military Five Chinese Companies Give Key Support to Russia’s Military
The Gun Control Distraction

It’s never been about safety. It’s about power.

“I have never believed that additional gun control or federal registration of guns would reduce crime. I am convinced that a criminal who wants a firearm can get one through illegal, untraceable, unregistered sources, with or without gun control.” These aren’t the words of a Republican politician or conservative commentator. These are the words of Sen. Joe Biden before the Senate in July 1985.

Following the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., Congress passed the Gun Control Act in 1968. But less than two decades later, many politicians had noted that this most restrictive gun law in American history largely failed to solve any problems.

And so, in that same July Senate meeting, Sen. Orin Hatch quoted a University of Massachusetts study that “found no evidence that any gun control law had reduced the crime or violence rates.” In fact, the homicide rates increased after the restrictions were enacted. The lead researcher said he was actually predisposed toward gun control at the beginning of the study. However, the more his team looked into the facts, he “became less and less convinced that handgun bans and restrictive handgun laws can do anything to prevent crime.” They discovered that most of the time, lawful gun owners weren’t the ones committing violent crimes.

Senator Biden and 29 other Democrats agreed. Together with 49 Republican senators, they passed the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act. They had tried for gun control and found that it didn’t work.

But nearly four decades later, many Americans want to repeat the same mistake. Last week, Biden said that the constitutional right to bear arms “was never absolute.” Since recent tragedies like the ones in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, the gun control lobby has reached fever pitch. All of a sudden, almost every single shooting is being reported on.

Canada has already banned the sale of handguns. The Biden administration wants the same for America. It is taking advantage of real tragedies to advance a specific and dangerous agenda..... Read more, click the image....

Beware Turkish Drones

Beware Turkish Drones
With Germany’s help, Turkey is rising as a formidable military power.

Turkey is a leader in drone warfare. “The whole world is a customer,” seeking to obtain the Bayraktar TB2 drone, Selçuk Bayraktar, the drone’s designer, told Reuters in an interview on May 30. But few people realize that the drone is empowered by German technology. Turkey’s military advances and its cooperation with Germany is something the Trumpet watches closely.

“Few modern weapons have reached the iconic status of Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drone,” the Asian Times wrote in “The Turkish Drones Winning the Ukraine War.” “Grainy footage from the drone’s cameras showing hapless targets in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine war zones being blown up by its laser-guided bombs have cemented its reputation as a highly effective, lethal weapon.”

The United States, China and Israel are also producing advanced drones for warfare, but Turkey’s drones are being proved on the battlefield and are thus rising in demand due to its comparatively low cost.

In Ukraine, the Bayraktar TB2 drones have been instrumental in fending off Russian invaders. In Syria, Turkey uses them against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (pkk).

Stephen Witt wrote for the New Yorker that the drone is not only a “precision air strike” weapon, but... click above link to read more

Elon Musk vs. the Ministry of Truth

With Economy Collapsing, U.S. Sends Billions to Ukraine

With Economy Collapsing, U.S. Sends Billions to Ukraine

00:30 Biden’s Economic Disaster (9 minutes)
When Joe Biden was debating President Donald Trump in 2020, he said he would “build back” the American economy “better” than Donald Trump ever did. Today, 18 months later, the U.S. economy is worse than it has been in decades, and Americans are growing frustrated and angry.

09:55 $40 Billion More for Ukraine (9 minutes)
Yesterday, Democrats rushed a $40 billion Ukraine aid package through to the U.S. Senate. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Americans that when they think about this out-of-control spending package, just think of what Jesus said about feeding the hungry.

18:40 Banning 2,000 Mules (18 minutes)
Fox News has banned any mention of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2,000 Mules. It wasn’t that long ago that Fox News denounced the legacy media for banning any mention of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. “Both are important, legitimate stories,” D’Souza tweeted yesterday. “So what’s the difference?”


Who Is in Charge of America?


Joe Biden is a puppet for someone who actively wants to destroy the United States of America.


Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is on full display for the world to see. On April 18, the White House held its traditional Easter Egg Roll celebration on the South Lawn. Biden had to be coached through aspects of the event by his wife and some of those around him. While some such prompts would be normal in a situation like this, they reminded the world of Biden’s gaffe-riddled Senate career, basement hideaway presidential campaign, avoidance of regular press conferences and interviews, confusingly unnecessary lies about his past, forgetting the names of major figures, calling only on preapproved journalists, dazed expressions, and watching as his aides shout to drown out the questions of reporters.

Perhaps the peak example of Biden’s fitness for office, or lack thereof, came when Biden began speaking to a reporter about freedom in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Suddenly a giant, fuzzy Easter bunny mascot literally blocked him off, waving its hands in his face and gently but firmly guiding him away from the reporter. The man who supposedly won 81 million votes and who now supposedly wields more political and military power than any other single person on Earth was treated like he was senile by his wife, the bunny (White House press official Meghan Hays) and his other handlers.

A lot of conservatives are angered by Biden, and even liberals are souring on him. But many if not most of them are missing the fact that Biden is not in charge. A giant bunny and a humiliation of the office of president might start to change that.

People will start asking: If Biden doesn’t hold the power of the presidency—who does?

People have also been talking about a recent clip from a Saudi Arabian comedic television show that mocked Biden’s mental acuity as the actor confused names and repeatedly fell asleep behind the podium. The show actually aired prior to the giant bunny incident, so what must the Saudis and the rest of the world be thinking now?

Conservatives have enjoyed sharing these clips and insist that they are part of a much larger pattern showing that Biden is not in control. But conspicuous for its absence is any serious talk—or any talk at all—about who is controlling Biden. Whoever is controlling him is controlling this nation and racing it toward the moral, political, financial, demographic and military cliff. But people don’t really talk about that. Why not?

Despite the involvement of the bunny, this is anything but lighthearted “soft news.” This is a symbol of America’s weak leadership, which has emboldened other nations, like Russia, to act aggressively.

Who’s in charge of America right now?” the Federalist asked. “Because it isn’t the man getting wrangled by a giant Easter bunny. Given the state of our grocery shelves, southern border, gas prices, job openings, foreign policy, public schools, inflation and health care, it would be awfully nice to know who’s really running the greatest country on Earth. …  READ MORE, Click the image

The left says it’s white supremacy. The truth is far worse.

Frank Robert James, a 62-year-old black man, is the suspected New York City subway shooter. In almost all reports, the media tiptoed around identifying his race. He was almost universally described only as an “individual” in a green vest with a gas mask. In a nearly 2,000-word article about the attack, the New York Times didn’t mention his race once. cnn barely did better, calling him a “black gentleman.” This in regard to the man who detonated two smoke bombs before firing 33 times into a crowded train car. He managed to shoot 10 people before his gun jammed two minutes into his shooting spree.

New York City police commissioner Keechant Sewell initially said the attack wouldn’t be investigated as an act of terrorism. But after James was arrested on April 13, federal prosecutors charged him with terror-related offenses.

However, the media is still taking pains to avoid mentioning James’s race. They rarely do in cases involving black suspects. The oft supplied reason is to avoid reinforcement of “negative stereotypes.” It’s the same reason why black-on-black crime is so underreported.

Germany Is Transforming Before Your Eyes
Iran-Backed Militia Injure Four American SoldiersIran-Backed Militia Injure Four American Soldiers

German Businesses Block Sanctions and Finance Russia’s War

If you understand these companies’ roots, you understand Germany’s and Russia’s future.

The world’s largest chemical company, basf, is working hard to prevent Europe from placing meaningful economic sanctions on Russia. basf ceo Martin Brudermüller, in an interview on March 31, called a gas boycott on Russia foolish. Despite international pressure and the murder of thousands in Ukraine, the German government has adopted the same stance. This is just one of many examples that illustrates who is calling the shots in German politics.

The majority of the German population have been in favor of a gas embargo. Many have accurately noted that giving Russia free rein today may cost even more in the future than a gas embargo would cost now. But all the arguments have been in vain; the German government refuses to change course. Every day, Germany pays $433 million to Russia for its gas needs.

It’s becoming more and more evident that Germany’s big corporations are calling the shots.... read more, click the above link

Barack Obama Trashes Free SpeechBarack Obama Trashes Free Speech

Trump Sues the ‘Deep State’

After Russia’s Invasion, Germany Demands LeadershipAfter Russia’s Invasion, Germany Demands Leadership
A German Frankenstein Superpower

As people are talking about the possibility of another world war, the Biden regime is helping build Germany into a superpower once again.

An overarching leader is about to rise in Europe. This may be too late for Ukraine, but it could help fortify Europe in the future.

Former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is reaching out to Ukrainians, many of whom feel betrayed by Germany. In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on March 18, Guttenberg noted that he is in contact with “the heroic Klitschko brothers in Kyiv.” Boxing legend and mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko wrote in an article for Bild on January 23: “Germany is betraying its friends!”

Guttenberg also lamented Germany’s weak leadership. Concerning the phone call between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Guttenberg said it was “fruitless” and there is “probably a big smile in the Kremlin if you ask for a ceasefire [as Scholz did]. At the same time, Lviv is being hit by missiles.”

Bartiromo asked Guttenberg about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to German lawmakers on March 17. Guttenberg said: “First of all I am deeply moved and impressed by Zelenskyy’s leadership as so many are. At the same time, it was a bizarre situation yesterday, watching his video appearance in front of the Bundestag and then seeing the standing ovation from the members of parliament for being bluntly criticized.” Zelenskyy lamented Germany’s lack of support for Ukraine. The German parliamentarians applauded but have done little to change the circumstances.

Guttenberg also talked about the economic repercussions of the refugee crisis and the fact that his family has accepted eight Ukrainian refugees into their home.

Just two months ago, before the invasion, Guttenberg was one of the few who warned about Putin. In an address to around 1,000 guests at the digital annual kick-off event of the private bank Merck Finck, he criticized Germany’s leadership, saying they were “delivering … a remarkable egg dance.” Instead of sending 5,000 helmets to Ukraine, one might as well have sent towels, Guttenberg mocked.

Around the same time, Klitschko said: “Five thousand helmets are an absolute joke. What will Germany send next in support? Pillows?”

Current German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, who was responsible for approving the 5,000 helmets, is increasingly criticized for faux pas and a lack of expertise. The local paper Fraenkischer Tag noted, “Guttenberg, for example, would certainly have acted more briskly.” Wirtschafts Woche said that Guttenberg has been speaking “less as the head of an investment firm and more as a former German defense minister.”

In “Is KT zu Guttenberg About to Come to Power?”,   READ MORE, click the link

Europe Prepares for Rapid Militarization

Were you shocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? A lot of world leaders were. They thought this kind of war was impossible.

“We now have war in Europe, on a scale and of a type we thought belonged to history,” said nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The New York Times’s Thomas Friedman called Russia’s invasion “a raw, 18th-century-style land grab” and “a throwback to earlier centuries.”

“This morning feels like a movie—but I can’t press the ‘off’ button,” wrote one resident of Kyiv as her city came under attack.

The violence in Ukraine is unbelievable; it feels unreal. Many of the statements on this war contain an implicit assumption about human nature—that it is improving, evolving. In the 18th century, we were more primitive, savage and barbaric; Vladimir Putin’s invasion is a throwback to a less sophisticated era. Today we’ve evolved past that kind of behavior.

That kind of thinking reflects a deadly error. And while I would quickly disagree with any kind of statement that human nature is good or improving, my own reaction to the Ukrainian invasion shows I’ve fallen victim to some of that kind of thinking. Have you?

In October, I thought there was a good chance Putin would ...... READ MORE, click above Image

A Master Plan Against the U.S.
Barack Obama - Presidency, Education & Mother - Biography

What Will a Militarized Europe Look Like?

With a potential military budget close to that of the United States, imagine what the EU could do with a strongman leader.

Countries all over Europe are pledging to increase their military budgets. Poland even demanded that the European Union’s defense budget rise to the level of the United States’, currently the world’s largest. Europe already has a well-trained armed corps, officer schools and a high-tech military industry. A sudden militarization could drastically change the balance of power in the world. On February 28, German arms manufacturers met with the government to discuss the new deals.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on the EU to double its defense spending in order to build a strong army. In a February 27 interview with Berliner Morgenpost, Morawiecki said the EU should increase its total defense spending from the current $333 billion to upward of $668 billion. By comparison, Russia currently spends around $69 billion on its military, and the U.S. around $767 billion.

Germany pledged to create a new $112 billion fund this year. Der Spiegel revealed how the government plans to use the additional money, including improvements in the defense against supersonic weapons, the development of strategic air transport capabilities, a new air-defense system and a new generation of battle tanks. Germany cooperates closely in various projects with France, Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and other European nations.

Germany has also committed to spend 2 percent of its economic output on its military by 2024. According to calculations by ubs banking group, Germany’s annual defense spending is likely to rise to more than $94 billion.

In his speech over the weekend, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced progress on the purchase of the armed Heron drone from Israel and the procurement of a modern replacement for the outdated Tornado jets that can be used within nato’s nuclear-sharing agreement. The planes Germany currently has for the job are old and need to be replaced with either the F-35 or updated European fighter jets. (With the procurement of American F-35s, Germany would be able to carry the B61 nuclear bombs the U.S. has loaned it.) Scholz indicated the current strategy calls for a hybrid solution, combining elements of the modernized Eurofighter and the American superfighter F-35.

Suddenly, Germany is preparing to use the full force of modern military technology as it prepares for a potential nuclear war. READ MORE, click the above link

German Company Warns About Vaccine Side Effects

Ukraine Reveals America’s Broken Pride

Act on it, while you can.

You could say we’re living in the Age of Exposure. Staggering amounts of high-level corruption are being exposed in America and worldwide. It has been revealed in lawmakers, judges, doctors, executives, teachers, administrators and leaders in so many other aspects of our lives. Many of these are found in the English-speaking nations that are supposed to be the bastions of freedom and hope. Prime ministers, premiers and other leaders, some labeled “conservative,” have been unmasked as weak, deceitful, corrupt and shockingly dictatorial. The wretchedness of our politics, our medicine, our business, our culture, our society that was hitherto hidden is on display.

This is important. This exposure puts a responsibility on you and me.

We used to be able to mostly ignore how politicians lie, how they sell their votes, how pharmaceutical companies pay off their regulators, how regulators hold pharmaceutical company stock, how journalists can be biased, how Big Business feigns social awareness to prioritize profit. No longer.

We respected our medical institutions well enough—the National Health Service in Britain; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States; and the World Health Organization. They were scientists dealing in matters of life and death, above politics and corruption. Not true. They are highly political, beholden to special interests, prone to self-justification and deceit, just as motivated by money as everyone else. And because they deal in matters of life and death, their politics and corruption mean they have blood on their hands.

We viewed corporate America as a symbol of the strength of our free-market system. Now we see so many of them supporting and funding criminal organizations like Black Lives Matter. We see them supplying our personal information to the government for spying purposes. We see them abetting radicals in Washington and bowing down to Communists in Beijing.

We viewed the news media as independent advocates and watchdogs, pillars of informed, responsible self-government. Now we see leading outlets like the New York Times caught having published scripts written by the White House and agitprop written by Communist China. They have paid repressive foreign governments for access and accepted bribes for favorable coverage. cnn has been shaken by sex scandals, even pedophilia among top employees. Newsrooms everywhere have eschewed objective reportage in favor of blatant propaganda and censorship of truths deemed heretical. Crimes by one group are excused and ignored; crimes by another are fabricated and hyped.

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Putin Sends Forces Into Ukraine After Recognizing Breakaway Regions
Putin Moves on Ukraine as Canadian Parliament Empowers Comrade Trudeau

00:30 Mr. Tough on Putin (16 minutes)
In 2019, Joe Biden stood strong against Vladimir Putin, telling Americans, “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.” The following year, he claimed that Putin was afraid of him becoming president. “If you’re wondering why,” he tweeted, “it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” Today, however, Putin is advancing on Ukraine. As the Telegraph wrote yesterday, “For all its threats of ‘swift and severe’ consequences, the West looks drained and compromised.”

14:05 Comrade Trudeau’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ (28 minutes)
While campaigning in 2014, Justin Trudeau admitted he admired the “basic dictatorship” of China. His unlawful use of the Emergencies Act backs up his candid remarks from several years ago. And over the last few days, we have seen that Ottawa law enforcement officials are fully supportive of Trudeau’s “basic dictatorship.” Leaked comments from Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Andrew Nixon reveal the officers are really enjoying their aggressive crackdown on protesters. “Don’t kick all of them out until next week’s group gets our turn,” he gleefully said in a group chat with fellow officers.

Project Veritas Reveals Vaccine Moneymaking Agenda

U.S. and UK Health Authorities Covered for Wuhan LaboratoryU.S. and UK Health Authorities Covered for Wuhan Laboratory

Why are the West’s health experts covering for China?

The origins of covid-19 are extremely controversial. More and more evidence is emerging that the most likely origin was a leak—accidental or deliberate—from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Recently released e-mails from health authorities in the United States and Britain suggest some authorities accepted the lab-leak theory as probable early on in the pandemic.

The U.S. House of Representatives released the heavily redacted e-mails on January 11 as part of a letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, the director of Britain’s Wellcome Trust (a health-care charity), sent an e-mail to Dr. Francis Collins, then head of America’s National Institutes of Health, on Feb. 2, 2020. Farrar said the idea of covid-19 being a man-made disease engineered “for rapid transmission between humans” was “a likely explanation.”

Farrar then summarized the opinions of other leading scientists at the time. One of them was Dr. Robert Garry, a microbiologist at the University of Texas. “I really can’t think of a plausible natural scenario where you get from the bat virus or one very similar to it to [the covid-19 virus],” his summary of Dr. Garry’s findings read. “I just can’t figure out how this gets accomplished in nature.”

Collins’s response to Farrar’s e-mail is heavily redacted. He does state that he was leaning toward a natural origin for covid-19. But this statement stands out: “I share your view that a swift convening of experts in a confidence-inspiring framework is needed or the voicers of conspiracy will quickly dominate, doing great potential harm to science and international harmony.”

Dutch virologist Ron Fouchier, meanwhile, sent an e-mail stating “further debate about such accusations would … do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in China in particular.”

These are undoubtedly veiled references to the lab-leak theory. At the outset of the covid-19 crisis, many figures in high places claimed that a lab leak was unscientific. They said the most likely cause was a natural mutation from some animal. Some even claimed that blaming China for the pandemic was racist.

These e-mails show an ulterior motive. Collins and other figures wanted the lab-leak theory snuffed out to protect “international harmony” and “science in China.” In other words, they didn’t want to offend Beijing.

Plenty of evidence has been around for well over a year to corroborate the lab-leak theory. (You can learn more by reading “Is COVID-19 a Chinese Bioweapon” and “Wuhan Virus Lab Had ‘All the Genes to Make a Coronavirus’ Since at Least 2017.”) Such evidence was branded as part of a wacky conspiracy theory. Yet the real conspiracy apparently was to protect China.

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Is Russia Blackmailing Biden?

Russia, already at war with Ukraine, is now threatening a full-scale invasion. Germany is thwarting a united North Atlantic Treaty Organization response. So all eyes have turned to the United States. But America’s response could well be determined not by what is best for Ukraine, what is best for nato, or what is best for the U.S., but by the personal interests of Joe Biden.

Throughout U.S. President Donald Trump’s four years in the White House, leftist journalists claimed that the Russian government possessed compromising information about him. The infamous Steele dossier accused Mr. Trump of sordid escapades with Russian prostitutes and of criminal links to Russian oligarchs. None of the dossier’s claims against Trump were ever verified. Subsequent investigations have established that the project was funded by the presidential campaign of Mr. Trump’s rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton. Ironically, the same accusations that prove false when applied to Mr. Trump prove true when applied to Hunter Biden.

Former German Defense Minister Speaks Out
Former German Defense Minister Speaks Out

The way Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg speaks about the leadership vacuum in Europe may indicate he wants to fill it.

In a leaderless world, men like Russian President Vladimir Putin have free rein, warned former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. On January 27, Guttenberg addressed around 1,000 guests at the digital annual kick-off event of the private bank Merck Finck. He was introduced as chairman of the investment firm Spitzberg Partners, but rather than give investment advice, the main topic of his talk was “the political world order of the future,” Wirtschafts Woche wrote (Trumpet translation throughout).

Guttenberg warned at great length about the dangers that arise from a lack of leadership. Could it be he wants to fill Europe’s power vacuum?

Many Germans don’t often think about Guttenberg today. Some even call him a fraud. The article from Wirtschafts Woche often mentioned his lack of credibility. Yet leaders in industry and media often request that he speak at their events. He is asked for private audiences with high-ranking politicians and has deep connections in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Even the January 27 event reveals something about Guttenberg. Merck Finck is a subsidiary of the banking group Quintet Private Bank and is under the control of the Qatari sheikh family, al-Thani. Guttenberg has various connections to the Middle East from his time as economics and then defense minister of Germany and his recent work as an investment consultant. For the January 27 meeting, Guttenberg was in Switzerland and connected online to speak at the event... READ MORE CLICK THE ABOVE LINK

Taiwan Is China’s Ukraine

Joebama’s Clandestine Invasion of America at the Southern Border

00:30 ‘Betraying the American People’ (20 minutes)
Footage from a Westchester, New York, police officer’s body cam has been obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request and revealed by Fox News and the New York Post. The footage, from August last year, shows illegal immigrants, most of them young men, coming off an airplane in the middle of the night. In the footage, a security officer stated, “DHS wants everything on the down low. … Everything’s supposed to be hush, hush.” One of the U.S. contractors on the tarmac even admitted this startling truth about the government helping to spread illegals all over the country: “The government is betraying the American people.”

20:25 Shoplifting and Carjacking Skyrocket (13 minutes)
Shoplifting and carjacking crimes are on the rise in U.S. cities. The New York Post writes, “The National Retail Federation reported that store losses mounted from $453,940 per $1 billion in sales in 2015 to $719,458 in 2020.” Carjackers are also occurring in city streets at an unprecedented rate. Mary Chasten at Legal Insurrection reports that there is at least one carjacking per day in Washington, D.C. In Chicago, it’s even worse. The epidemic of crime in America is spiraling out of control.

Barack Obama Exposed

America’s corrupt government is going to be brought to justice.

n the fall of 2020, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified critical documents exposing the fact that the Steele dossier and the plot against Donald Trump traced all the way up to top officials in the Obama administration—including President Barack Obama himself.

This reveals an absolutely unprecedented level of corruption! It is a nation-destroying problem!

It has been thoroughly proved that the “Steele dossier”—a completely false report filled with scandalous lies aimed specifically at discrediting then presidential candidate Donald Trump—was paid for by the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. It has been proved that, despite knowing all this, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials illegally used the dossier to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Sept. 29, 2020, Ratcliffe released documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee. One of them was a redacted copy of then Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan’s handwritten notes after briefing President Obama on recent intelligence the cia had received. “We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [redacted],” his notes read. “Cite alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on 26 July of a proposal from one of her foreign-policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service” (emphasis mine throughout).

These notes prove that Brennan and Obama knew all about the Steele dossier and more than likely signed off on the fbi’s use of the dossier to secure a warrant to spy on Mr. Trump and his campaign. This is blatant criminal activity at the highest levels of government!

In his letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ratcliffe wrote.... 

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China Hoards Half the World’s Grain

Ukraine: No Help From Germany

Hunter Biden Firm Sells 44 Percent of World’s Cobalt to Communist China
Hunter Biden Firm Sells 44 Percent of World’s Cobalt to Communist China

Warnings of the Fourth Reich, Poland’s Conflict With Germany

The AdBlue Crisis

Forget Omicron, Iran Is Three Weeks Away From Nuclear Breakout

The corporate media is already working to bury the details of Darrell Brooks’s latest crime because it doesn’t fit the narrative that ‘there’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry white man.’

Aderanged lunatic accelerated a red suv through police barricades and into a parade on Sunday afternoon, killing five people and injuring dozens more. This horrific attack occurred in suburban Waukesha, Wisconsin, at the hands of Darrell Brooks, a 39-year-old man who has been charged at least 16 times in the past 22 years with domestic violence, reckless endangerment, illegal possession of a weapon, resisting an officer and other crimes.

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German Lieutenant General Takes Key Position in NATO
German Lieutenant General Takes Key Position in NATO
Brazil Receives German Weapons

COP26 and Barack Obama’s War Cry

COVID-19 Scaremongering: Freedom Redefined in Germany

Is Australia Freer Than China?

Is Australia Freer Than China?

Australia is beginning to look like Communist China. Remember the disturbing reports coming out of China at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic? We saw images of government agents in hazmat suits forcing people into quarantine boxes, images of people literally welding apartment doors closed with people inside. At the time, Dr. Anthony Fauci reassured us nothing like that could ever happen in a Western democracy. Yet he was wrong. Similar things are already happening in Australia, and many people realize that if the government gets its way, the United States will be next.

Australia is still nominally a democracy, but millions of its citizens are being tracked with apps to make sure they are not violating covid-19 lockdowns. In some Australian states, you must have your phone scanned before entering a church. Out-of-control law enforcement officials in cities like Melbourne and Sydney are beating, choking, body-slamming, pistol-whipping and wounding ordinary citizens with rubber bullets for not wearing masks outside or for violating lockdown decrees. A pregnant mother was handcuffed, arrested and hauled away in front of her children for simply making a Facebook post about a planned anti-lockdown protest. Another woman wearing a sign appealing to the constitution of her country was arrested and put in a police vehicle with her child screaming beside her.

Australia has deployed hundreds of soldiers to help enforce covid-19 lockdowns, and disturbing video footage shows people without masks being tackled by mobs of police officers. Armed police teams are raiding buildings where people have broken social distancing protocols, arresting people inside at gunpoint. This is the type of footage that comes out of socialist dictatorships like Cuba, China and Venezuela, but nothing like this has ever occurred in Australian history. People are being locked in their homes at the will of their state governments, while those who are brave enough to stand up for the freedoms they thought they had are being aggressively pursued, beaten, arrested, fined and imprisoned.

All of this is being done in the name of health and well-being. But oppressive and tyrannical governments always put nice-sounding names on their policies. And as we watch the beatings and imprisonments of ordinary people very similar to us, we are left with this question: Is “democratic” Australia actually any more free than the Communists?

“Yet again today, on the streets of Melbourne, we see extraordinary police brutality and violence against ordinary citizens,” said federal Member of Parliament Craig Kelly. “The police force in Victoria is out of control. … We need an urgent judicial inquiry to find out what has gone wrong and what has happened that resulted in a police force in Australia using such extreme violence against unarmed citizens.”

As Americans watch in disbelief, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis questioned whether the United States should change its diplomatic relationship with Australia. In a recent speech in Tampa, he pointed out that after 18 months, the Australian government continues to enforce lockdowns using its military. “That’s not a free country. It’s not a free country at all,” he said. “In fact … I wonder why we would still have the same diplomatic relations when they’re doing that. Is Australia freer than China—Communist China—right now? I don’t know. The fact that that’s even a question tells you something has gone dramatically off the rails with some of this stuff.”

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Why Food Prices Are Soaring


An Increase in COVID Deaths Over Last Year Means the Vaccine Is Not Working

00:30 Pfizer Vaccine Included Aborted Fetal Tissue (15 minutes)

A whistleblower from Pfizer came forward to Project Veritas and revealed that Pfizer is using aborted fetal tissue in its vaccine. She exposed Pfizer for its lies and for trying to hide the truth from the general public.

15:30 Breakthrough COVID Cases Unexplained (10 minutes)

Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked by a CNBC commentator why she and her family still got the virus after being vaccinated. Fauci is not about to say that the vaccine is not working. So, he couldn’t give her a straight answer.

25:30 The Canadian Vaccine Cult (8 minutes)

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is declaring a nationwide requirement of vaccination for all people 12 years and older by the end of November. Otherwise, they cannot work for the government or travel by plane in Canada. Persecuting the unvaccinated is now in full swing.

33:45 The Election Steal (5 minutes)

Yesterday on Fox News, Jesse Watters broke ranks with his colleagues and actually commented on the Maricopa County election audit and the 57,000 illegal ballots. Besides this, Fox News has been all but silent on the election steal.

Japanese Carrier Launches First Plane Since World War II

Self Defense Forces reveal advancements in capabilities—and strategy.

AUnited States Marines F-35B fighter jet took off from and landed on the JS Izumo on October 3. It was the first time since World War ii that a Japanese vessel has launched and recovered a fixed-wing aircraft. In an October 5 news conference, Japanese Defense Minister Nubuo Kishi announced the successful test and said it would improve the alliance between his country and the U.S.

When the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force launched Izumo in 2013, it classified it as a “helicopter destroyer.” Izumo and its sister ship, Kaga, were built to carry 14 anti-submarine helicopters. But the 820-foot-long flight deck raised suspicions: It was clearly designed to launch more than just helicopters. The ships’ elevators were also capable of carrying an F-35.

In March 2020, Japan began modifying Izumo, adding a heat-resistant coating to the deck to prevent damage when aircraft are taking off or landing. Kaga is currently receiving the same transformation.

Izumo’s deck is too short to launch standard naval jets, but it can easily handle a short takeoff vertical landing aircraft, such as the F-35, which do not require catapults for takeoff or arresting gear for landing. Japan has ordered 42 of these stealth fighters, for Izumo and Kaga.

The October 3 test launch from a destroyer-turned-aircraft carrier is a monumental step for Tokyo. Stephen Green at PJ Media wrote, “Aircraft carriers are meant to project power far beyond one’s own shores, and the last time Japan was in the power-projection game, we ended up with little things like the Second World War.”

In that war, U.S. sailors and airmen suffered a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor and fought a previous carrier named Kaga at Midway and U.S. Marines endured an extremely bloody slog of jungle fighting from island to island. After Japan surrendered in Tokyo Harbor, the United States wrote a constitution for Japan that forbade the nation from making war, forever. Article 9 states, “land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.”

That constitution is still technically in effect today, but Tokyo has been pushing past its limits since 1950, with the establishment of their National Police Reserve. In 1954, it changed to the Japan Self-Defense Force. Now it is self-defense in name only. In 2015, Tokyo officially “reinterpreted” a section of its Constitution. “Self-defense” now includes military assistance to allies beyond Japanese waters..... REAd more, CLICK ABOVE LINK

Arizona Audit Exposes Massive Fraud

Vaccines have been hailed as the miracle that will help COVID-weary society return to normal. But one ingredient has been missing from the vaccine rollout: honesty.

The response of American government and our media to covid-19 is revealing a lot about our society and ourselves. It is showing us how quickly the world can change, how much we take our rights for granted, and how much or how little we value truth.

covid-19 was the subject of the first speech Joe Biden gave after entering the White House. He recounted how countless Americans have lost their jobs, businesses and homes; how school closures have set children back a year; how graduations, weddings and family reunions have been canceled. He portrayed these people as victims of covid, when in reality, they were victims of government-imposed lockdowns. He then stated that if Americans would obey the newest batch of restrictions, the government might let them enjoy barbecues in their backyards with their families by, ironically, Independence Day.

Intentionally or not, it highlighted the fact that the government’s gigantic, oppressive “cure” has been worse than the disease. But nobody in the radical establishment will say that. Mainstream media outlets, predictably, praised the speech. They continue to support the government’s radical agenda by emphasizing their covid coverage and prominently displaying their death trackers. They are helping scare and shame Americans into wearing masks, then two masks, standing like chess pawns on floor markers 6 feet apart, staying inside their homes, giving up their businesses and incomes, and sacrificing their constitutional rights.

The campaign is coordinated by liberals in politics, big media, Big Tech, big business and beyond. Many of its most virulent supporters call their political party “the party of science.” They accuse those who do not believe in their cause of ignorance, hatred and lying (see “Is Lying Always Wrong?”).

Now the campaign has transitioned to pressure everyone to get vaccinated. It includes a mix of feel-good advertising, shaming and fear-mongering. And it is marked by the same propagandistic and deceitful techniques that were used for the lockdown campaign.

Vaccine Deaths

Many government officials count anyone who died within a few weeks of having a positive covid-19 test as a covid death. These are some of the numbers we see on the government and the media’s ominous “covid death” tickers.

Many everyday people, on the other hand, believe that dying with covid is far different from dying from covid. They say there are complicating factors. They say that many who get tested are at higher risk of death in the first place. They say that there are thousands of deaths from all causes every day in the United States. They say that many who die after a positive test result actually died from other causes (some as obvious as gunshot wounds). But liberal elites reject these objections.

The truth is, though, that some people have died after their bodies absorbed not the virus but the vaccine.

So, is anyone who died 28 to 60 days after having the covid vaccine a “covid vaccine death”?

No. The same officials, journalists, experts, commentators and other elites who want you to think that dying with covid is the same as dying from covid stridently insist that dying with the vaccine is far different from dying from the vaccine. They say there are complicating factors. They say that ...... Click Above Image to read the FULL Story!

Top US General: Coronavirus Quarantine Having 'No Impact' on Readiness |  Voice of America - English

00:30 The Traitor in Charge of the Military (46 minutes)

U.S. Gen. Mark Milley presided over the disastrous Afghanistan evacuation. He knew the Abbey Gate bombing was coming, and he ordered the “righteous” drone strike that killed an Afghan family. Following that, he abandoned American citizens trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Yesterday, we learned that when he was serving under President Donald Trump, he bypassed the commander in chief and took his marching orders from Nancy Pelosi. The propaganda media are saying Milley took “extraordinary” action to undercut the duly-elected president. The Trumpet uses another word to describe these kinds of pernicious acts: treason.

Joebama Surrenders American Citizens to Life Under Taliban Rule

       Joebama Surrenders American Citizens to Life Under Taliban Rule

Bowing to the Taliban (30 minutes)

Yesterday, the Biden administration surrendered to the Taliban’s demand that all U.S. forces leave Afghanistan by August 31. This deadline does not give America and its NATO allies enough time to evacuate their own citizens from Afghanistan. Biden’s message to those who are stranded in Afghanistan: “May God protect our diplomats and all those in harm’s way.” In other words, they are on their own.

30:15 NATO Is Finished (10 minutes)

The whole world is watching America’s humiliating retreat and defeat in Afghanistan, including America’s NATO allies in Europe. British commentator Nigel Farage succinctly explains the significance of this disaster, with respect to NATO: “Why would we ever trust America in any international mission—given they make decisions without consulting their closest friends?”

40:00 Making the Taliban Great Again (8 minutes)

How much military equipment did the U.S. leave behind in Afghanistan? About 75,000 war vehicles, 208 airplanes and helicopters, and 600,000 rifles, machine guns and howitzers. The United States has effectively turned Taliban-controlled Afghanistan into a terrorist superstate.

China is making major advances in its development of weaponry intended to disable or destroy satellites, according to remarks made last week by the director of the United States Indo-Pacific Command.

China is building an array of weapons with abilities ranging from “dazzling to jamming, to kinetic kill-from-the-ground, from space—all that, they’re on the march,” Rear Adm. Michael Studeman said during an intelligence-security webinar, according to Bloomberg.

The SJ-17 satellite is among the Chinese assets believed to be able to attack satellites in orbit. This satellite is dirigible and equipped with a robotic arm that can be controlled by Chinese operatives on the ground. The Center for Strategic and International Studies noted that it has been observed in recent months engaging in “unusual behavior”—including navigating up to other satellites in orbit and interacting with them.

So far the SJ-17 has approached only other Chinese satellites. But experts say there is little that would stop it from navigating up to those of other nations, and using its arm to seize and then hinder or disable them. James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, told a congressional hearing in April that such satellites “could be used in a future system for grappling other satellites.” He called attention specifically to the SJ-17, saying it could potentially put U.S. satellites out of commission.

China is also developing ground-based laser systems believed to be capable of blinding satellites in orbit. “There is open-source evidence of four or five main sites that house the technology,” Brian Weeden, director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation, told National Defense. “All of the sites have distinctive large buildings with roofs that slide back,” he said, adding that some of the facilities “support adaptive optics for targeting objects.”

Whether from space or the ground, China’s capacity to incapacitate U.S. satellites is “significant” because “the next major war could be decided in the opening minutes of the first day, as each side attempts to disable the enemy’s communication tools,” Nikkei said.

Onlookers may suspect that a fear of “mutually assured destruction” would prevent China from attacking American satellites since the Chinese also have many satellites in orbit that the U.S. could target. But the reality is that America has far more satellites in orbit than China or any other nation, and relies on them to an unmatched degree. This means the U.S. has far more to lose than China.

Russia Launches Giant New Submarine

Vladimir Putin sails Russia into a ‘dangerous new era.’

The Russian Navy commenced sea trials for the K-329 Belgorod nuclear submarine (Oscar-ii Class) on June 25. Belgorod, the largest submarine built in 30 years, was tested on the White Sea in Russia’s northern coast. After 28 years of construction, it’s expected to be approved for use later this year.

Estimates to the exact size of the submarine vary. Forbes estimates the length of Belgorod’s hull to be 604 feet. That’s roughly the size of six blue whales end to end. It is the longest submarine in the world and the heaviest built in Russia since the Cold War. An anonymous source told tass that Belgorod is to enter Russia’s Pacific fleet.

The submarine will be nuclear-powered and equipped with six Poseidon 2M39 torpedoes. Poseidon, nicknamed a “doomsday” device, can hit the ocean floor with a 100 megaton thermonuclear explosion. This would create a radioactive tsunami that could wipe out entire cities. We wrote on April 15: “The resultant waves would span thousands of miles of land, rendering the area uninhabitable for decades.” Poseidon torpedoes can be deployed from anywhere in the world and cannot be stopped by any conventional weapon. The Poseidon torpedoes won’t be ready to deploy for a few years, which means Belgorod won’t be fully operational immediately.

Belgorod will function as the “mother ship” of Losharik, a 200-foot-long submarine designed for seafloor work. Losharik is suspected to be a “spy sub” built to tap into or sever underwater communications cables.


Report: Google Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak’s Research for Over a Decade

For months, Big Tech companies did all they could to prevent information about the true origins of covid-19 from reaching the public. Both Facebook and YouTube banned posts mentioning the lab-leak theory. At the same time, Google manipulated its search algorithms to suppress searches for “coronavirus lab leak.” When a Wall Street Journal reporter asked Google Health Vice President David Feinberg why Google was censoring searches about the lab-leak theory, Feinberg said Google did not want to “lead people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative information.”

Yet new reports reveal there may be another reason Google did not want people researching the lab-leak theory. Google was funding EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak’s research and did not wish to expose its role in kicking off a pandemic that caused the worst recession since World War ii.

Investigative reporter Natalie Winters released a report on June 19 noting that Google.org has been funding EcoHealth Alliance research for over a decade. Among the studies Google.org funded was a 2010 study on bat flaviviruses, a 2014 study on henipavirus spillover from fruit bats to human populations in Africa, a 2015 study on Macacine Herpesvirus-1 in long-tailed macaques, and a 2018 study on the chances of an animal virus crossing over into the human population of China.

Why was the charity arm of Google so interested in funding Dr. Peter Daszak’s research?

EcoHealth Alliance is a United States-based nongovernmental organization that aims to protect people and animals from infectious diseases. Yet under Dr. Daszak’s leadership, this organization has funneled nearly $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for research on bat coronavirus. EcoHealth Alliance took most of the money sent to Wuhan from a $3.7 million grant it received from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Dr. Anthony Fauci heads. Other government donors to EcoHealth Alliance’s research fund include the Pentagon, the State Department, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Homeland Security and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Altogether, EcoHealth Alliance has received at least $60 million from American taxpayers (and an undisclosed amount from Silicon Valley tech giants like Google) to research various viruses.

All this funding becomes tremendously significant if it turns out that covid-19 leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. EcoHealth Alliance funded a 2015 study where Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli and others spliced..... READ MORE, CLICK THE ABOVE LINK

America Has No Helper 

America Has No Helper


05:00 Weaponizing Intelligence (19 minutes)

Joe Biden’s intelligence agencies are using their power to spy on and persecute political opponents. Last night, Tucker Carlson revealed that the National Security Agency is tapping his devices. The Department of Justice, in conjunction with spy agencies, continues to persecute American citizens who attended a rally on January 6. Meanwhile, rioters from the summer of 2020 who attempted to burn federal court houses and a famous church across the street from the White House run free.

24:30 Lying ‘Deep State’ Lawyer Keeps License (12 minutes)

Kevin Clinesmith admitted to fabricating evidence in pursuit of a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. The disciplinary committee in Washington, D.C., however, says Clinesmith’s motives were pure and issued a meager one-year suspension of his law license. Meanwhile, America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, may have his license permanently revoked for questioning the outcome of the 2020 election.

Southern Iraq: Iran’s Missile Launching Pad

Iran is arming its Shiite militia proxies in Iraq with an increasingly modern and lethal missile system; yet no one is stepping in to stop Iran. Why?

Israeli security analyst Jonathan Spyer detailed on June 4 that Iran has been permitted to launch rocket and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and United States bases, with a thin cloak of deniability. Additionally, Iran can now threaten the security of Israel by deploying missiles capable of reaching any part of the nation from Iraq. Iran is turning Iraq into a giant missile and drone launch site.

Most of the Shiite militias in Iraq are under the umbrella of the Popular Mobilization Forces (pmf). This organization allows them to operate freely and with a veneer of legitimacy. Since its formation in 2014 to combat the Islamic State, Iran has used the militias to funnel money, personnel, and military hardware into southern Iraq.

Control of this region puts Israel in range of Iran’s short-range missiles. The Raad-500 has a range of just over 300 miles; if launched west of Rutba, Iraq, it could strike Jerusalem or even Tel Aviv. The Zolfaghar has a range of around 430 miles, making it capable of hitting almost any target in Israel from Iraq and Syria’s border. The Zolfaghar can hit a target with an accuracy of 30 feet. Additionally, Iran’s Qiam short-range ballistic missile has a range of almost 500 miles and was designed to threaten U.S. bases. Its lack of stabilizer fins reduce its radar signature.

All three of these short-range missile systems are road-mobile, which means they can be hidden and fired from anywhere. They can all be equipped with multiple independent reentry vehicles, making their warheads capable of evading missile defense shields, like Israel’s Iron Dome. Most importantly, all three are either capable of or assumed to be capable of using nuclear warheads. None of this takes into account the medium- and long-range missiles that are currently in Iran’s arsenal or in development.

Reuters warned in August 2018: “According to three Iranian officials, two Iraqi intelligence sources and two Western intelligence sources, Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to allies in Iraq over the last few months. Five of the officials said it was helping those groups to start making their own.” Those missiles included the Zolfaghar. Over the last three years, how many more rockets has Iran smuggled into Iraq?

But Israel isn’t Iran’s only target. On January 23, drones, loaded with explosives, launched from southern Iraq hit the royal palace complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This was just one of many drone and rocket attacks that Saudi Arabia has faced this year from Iranian militia proxies.

Iran is using drone and rocket attacks within Iraq to put more pressure on the U.S. to pull out of the region. Iran-backed militias have launched more than 300 attacks on U.S. interests since late 2019, killing four Americans and 25 others.

On April 18, five rockets were fired at ...................  Read more, click the above link

Was the Biden-Putin Summit a Success?

Moscow is not a friend of Washington. The Russian government is already implicated in the 2020 SolarWinds hack. Giving Putin a list of 16 areas to “hit where it hurts,” accompanied with little more than some finger-wagging, isn’t going to discourage him. If anything, Moscow knows where to aim now.

United States President Joe Biden held a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16. This is the first time the leaders have met since Biden’s inauguration. The summit was held in the context of worsening Russo-American foreign relations.

Leading up to the summit, relations between the U.S. and Russia were increasingly frosty. Washington placed economic sanctions on Moscow after opposition politician Alexei Navalny was imprisoned. Russian tanks on the Ukrainian border worried some that Putin was planning an invasion. After several devastating cyberattacks on American critical infrastructure, Russia is accused of harboring cyberterrorists.

Many hoped that the Geneva Summit would be the chance Biden needed to stand up to Putin. Ahead of the summit, Time magazine released the cover of its latest issue, showing Biden ready to take on Putin, whose face is reflected in Biden’s sunglasses. Many claimed Biden’s decades of political experience groomed him for this moment. When asked how long Biden had been preparing for the summit, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “He’s been preparing for 50 years.”

Operational Nuclear Weapons Are Increasing

Nations are modernizing their nuclear arsenals. The number of operationally deployable nuclear weapons rose from 3,720 in 2019 to 3,825 in 2020, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (sipri) warned in a June 14 report. “Around 2,000 of these—nearly all of which belonged to Russia or the U.S.A.—were kept in a state of high operational alert,” sipri noted.

In the report, Matt Korda and Hans M. Kristensen lamented the lack of transparency in regards to the inventories of the nine nuclear-armed states. Historically, only the United States, the United Kingdom and France have given insight into their stockpiles. But even the most transparent nations “have begun to revert to Cold War-era levels of nuclear opacity.”

“If you just look at the total number of nuclear weapons, the disarmament picture looks much better than it actually is,” said Korda. According to sipri, the number of nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world fell from 13,400 at the start of 2020 to 13,080 this year. Korda warned that....  READ MORE.. click the above link

U.S. Lifts Sanctions on Iran—Without a Nuclear Deal

Tehran can apparently have its cake and eat it, too.

The United States agreed to remove sanctions on Iranian entities on June 10. The sanctions concern several Iranian energy companies as well as former officials of the National Iranian Oil Company. This was done in the context of the the Iran-America negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price claimed there was “absolutely no connection” between the easing of sanctions and the nuclear negotiations. But he did suggest that Washington was rewarding Iran for good behavior. “Every time we impose sanctions, it is our hope that through a verified change in behavior, a verified change in status, we’ll one day be able to remove those sanctions,” said Mr. Price. “Because that means that one way or another, our policy objectives have been met.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed these sentiments. “These actions demonstrate our commitment to lifting sanctions in the event of a change in status or behavior by sanctioned persons,” he said. According to earlier reports, Blinken said sanctions on Iran would remain in place even if they weren’t consistent with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. President Joe Biden previously said there wouldn’t be a removal of sanctions without a nuclear deal.

At about the same time, Washington unfroze $16.2 million worth of funds in a South Korean bank. Iran used that money to cover unpaid United Nations dues. Because Iran was behind on its payments, the UN suspended its voting rights. Now that Tehran has paid up, it can vote in the UN once again.

The original Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (jcpoa), was agreed to in 2015 by Iran, America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. It gave Iran sanctions relief and unfroze billions of dollars-worth of frozen assets in exchange for a temporary slowing down of its nuclear program. America under President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 after Iran repeatedly violated it, and he implemented crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy. In retaliation, Iran ramped up its uranium enrichment.

READ MORE, click the above link

Germany Permits the Use of the ‘State Trojan’ for Digital Surveillance

Here’s What You Need in a World of Killer Robots

Health Dangers Behind the Mask

Evidence shows long-term mask-wearing is itself harmful.

The mandates to wear face masks are starting to drop. This is welcomed news. Amid all the publicity over health concerns related to covid-19 and all the mandates by governments that healthy people wear face masks, the risks these masks pose to our health have been overlooked.

First, the masks are ineffective in protecting us against the coronavirus. Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell warned that scientific evidence for mask-wearing to prevent covid-19 is “astonishingly weak.” Recent studies have failed to produce any new evidence countering decades of data that show face masks are ineffective.

Beyond that, many people feel ill wearing them, and are questioning if masks could harm their long-term health. You would think we could rely on the medical experts for a rational response. But one of the things this past year has taught us is, we can’t. People with other agendas besides good health are manipulating, confusing and deceiving us about this issue.

Michael Yeadon, formerly the chief science officer for Pfizer, made this bold and shocking statement: “Basically, everything your government has told you about this virus, everything you need to do to stay safe, is a lie ….”

Until now, a comprehensive investigation into adverse mask health effects has been lacking. That changed with an April 2021 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, showing disturbing symptoms of oxygen deprivation.

Outside air contains 20.93 percent oxygen and 0.03 percent carbon dioxide. But with a close-fitting mask—whether surgical, cloth or N95—trapped air remaining between the mask and face contains lower concentrations of oxygen and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide. This unbalanced mixture is then repeatedly re-breathed. One effect is the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. This is why so many mask wearers complain of short-term symptoms like dizziness, headaches, drowsiness, and increased heart and respiratory rates.

How Secure Are America’s Nukes in Europe?

Obama: Biden Is There to Finish the JobObama: Biden Is There to Finish the Job


09:00 How Obama Is ‘Finishing the Job’ (16 minutes)

Barack Obama says Donald Trump interrupted his radical agenda, but now, according to a recent interview with the New York Times, Obama said: “Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job. And I think it’ll be an interesting test. Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about.”

25:00 Radical Left Exposed (11 minutes)

The radical left’s agenda is being exposed. Celebrity doctor and lockdown advocate Anthony Fauci hasn’t been on TV much since being exposed for his links to the Wuhan lab where COVID-19 originated. In many states, Democrat governors are being reined in by recall efforts or state legislatures. The false narratives surrounding the January 6 protest are crumbling. How much longer before the 2020 election fraud is revealed?

Japan to ‘Drastically’ Increase Defense Budget

Japan’s ruling political party approved on May 24 to “drastically” increase the nation’s defense budget. The proposal was drafted to counter the security threat posed by China’s hike in defense spending.

Less than a week before, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi indicated Japan would no longer cap defense spending at 1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, according to Nikkei Asia. Japan has not spent more than 1 percent of its gdp on defense since the 1990s, with the exception of 2009 when its gdp plummeted due to the global financial crisis. Kishi said in an interview, “We must increase our defense capabilities at a radically different pace than in the past.”

“Intentionally crossing the 1 percent line would mark a turning point for Japan’s security policy,” Nikkei reported.

On April 16, the United States and Japan published a joint statement in which “Japan resolved to bolster its own national defense capabilities.”

This runs contrary to Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution, which states that “land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.” After Japan’s defeat in World War ii, the U.S. wrote this clause into Japan’s Constitution to prevent the nation’s ruthless militarism from reappearing: “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.”

Since then, Japan has..... Click link to read more

Why Is China Collecting American DNA?

Why Is China Collecting American DNA?

Did China Prepare Years Ago to Launch a Pandemic?

Chinese Missiles Can Reach the Entire American Continent

‘Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically.’

The Chinese Navy is armed with nuclear-capable missiles able to hit the entire American continent. In celebration of its 72nd anniversary on April 23, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (plan) showcased submarines that can each carry 16 of these weapons.

China first tested these submarine-launched ballistic missiles in November 2018. Known as JL-3, or Julang 3 (“Big Wave”), this upgraded missile has a range greater than 6,200 miles. The Navy has four Type 094 submarines that can carry 12 JL-3s. Two Type 094A submarines joined the Navy last year during the 71st anniversary celebration; these submarines have enhanced radar and sonar technology and can carry 16 missiles.

A military expert, who requested anonymity, told South China Morning Post, “Before the upgrade, the submarine was armed with the inferior JL-2 that could only hit the northeast United States, but now it’s able to cover the whole American continent.”

China already had the JL-2 missile, capable of carrying either a single warhead 67 times more destructive than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, or three to eight mirvs, which are smaller nuclear warheads able to hit different targets. The range of these JL-2 missiles is 4,500 miles. In order to target the U.S. with the JL-2, the Type 094 submarine would have to push past the First Island Chain, a series of islands in the Chinese periphery that are home to a line of U.S. military bases.

The JL-3 has the same capabilities of the JL-2, but its increased range enables Chinese submarines to hit the American continent without straying far from China’s coastline.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned that “the People’s Republic of China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War ii. … Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically” (Dec. 3, 2020)...... READ MORE, CLICK the ABOVE LINK

Biden Team May Partner With Private Firms to Spy on Americans Without a Warrant 
Biden Team May Partner With Private Firms to Spy on Americans Without a Warrant
The Department of Homeland Security is quickly becoming a much more dangerous threat to democracy than the mob that stormed the Capitol.

John Kerry Betrayed America and Israel 

Where Are Vaccine Passports Leading?

Where Are Vaccine Passports Leading?
Biden Pulling Out of the Middle East

A reduced U.S. military presence in the Middle East is empowering Iran and pushing Gulf states to unite.

In his foreign-policy speech on February 4, Joe Biden announced that the United States would be taking “additional steps to course-correct our foreign policy.” He pledged to end the war in Yemen and recalibrate the U.S.-Saudi relationship, including freezing the sell of offensive weapons that Saudi Arabia has used in its six-year battle in Yemen.

To help protect Saudi Arabia’s facilities and oil installations, he said the U.S. wants to sell specific defensive weapons, including missile interceptors, expand its intelligence sharing, increase training, and provide military-to-military exchange programs.

Biden added, “We’re going to continue to support and help Saudi Arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people.”

Another U.S. official said, “The bottom line is that the Houthis need to know that we are standing with the Saudis, and we will continue to support their right to self-defense.”

The narrative sounds great, but recent actions tell a different story.

According to an April 1 article from the Wall Street Journal, Biden directed the Pentagon to begin taking the first steps to remove U.S. military presence from the Middle East.

In “Biden Trimming Forces Sent to Mideast to Help Saudi Arabia,” the Wall Street Journal showed................ Read more, click the above link

America ‘Is Going to Lose Fast’ in a War With China

The U.S. Air Force regularly simulates war against China.

“The definitive answer if the [United States] military doesn’t change course is that we’re going to lose fast,” Air Force Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote told Yahoo News on March 10, after a simulated war game against China demonstrated America’s growing inferiority in certain scenarios.

The simulation was held last fall and set more than a decade in the future. The conflict began with a Chinese biological-weapon attack on Indo-Pacific U.S. bases. It culminated in simultaneous missile strikes on U.S. bases and warships, and an assault on Taiwan.

American forces suffered severe defeat.

“What many Americans don’t realize,” General Hinote said, “is that years of classified Pentagon war games strongly suggest that the U.S. military would lose that war.”

This means this isn’t the first simulation of its kind the Air Force has held. It certainly isn’t the first that the U.S. has lost. Simulations from a decade ago warned of Chinese superiority in a war in East Asia. China has actively been investing in the military capabilities and tactics that would neutralize the U.S. model of expeditionary warfare.

Since the U.S. likes to operate from safe bases and sanctuaries, China has developed strategies to destroy those locations first. This approach invariably leads to Chinese victory and naval superiority.

So although the U.S. military has been aware of Chinese superiority for years, it has failed to prevent China from widening the gap. And by 2018, it became clear to General Hinote that America was not just losing in the projected conflicts, but “losing faster.”

Last fall’s simulation simply reinforced this reality: America cannot win a war against China in the Chinese periphery. In fact, it would likely lose quite quickly. With its huge arsenals of precision-guided surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, a space-based constellation of navigation and targeting satellites, and now the largest navy in the world, China is well aware of this fact. And it is preparing accordingly.

General Hinote went on to say that China’s standing war plans are built around a Taiwan scenario. If the U.S. doesn’t change course, and China wins, America would have no choice but to accept China’s conquest of its ally.

The U.S. Navy is still the most powerful in the world. But history shows that with the right strategy, the less-fancied naval power can come out on top... read more, click the link

China Promises Iran $400 Billion in New Deal

China Promises Iran $400 Billion in New Deal
A President in Name Only

A President in Name Only
France Holds First Military Space Exercise

France Holds First Military Space Exercise
Truth About the Vaccine

Truth About the Vaccine
Iran Using Advanced Centrifuge Underground
Iran Using Advanced Centrifuge Underground
Iran is continuing to violate the 2015 nuclear deal in a bid to pressure Biden and Europe.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (iaea) confirmed on March 15 that Iran has started enriching uranium at its underground Natanz nuclear facility using the advanced IR-4 centrifuge. This latest move by Iran is yet another violation of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (jcpoa) nuclear deal in a bid to increase pressure on Joe Biden to make the first move in negotiations.

When Iran’s above-ground advanced centrifuge facility at Natanz was destroyed by an explosion on July 2, 2020, the ayatollahs ordered for the facility to be rebuilt—this time, underground. Experts at the time estimated it would take one to two years. Yet a mere eight months later, the new Natanz facility is up and running.

After the July explosion, Iran began moving three cascades, or clusters, of various models of advanced centrifuges from an above-ground plant at Natanz to its below-ground fuel enrichment plant (fep). Iran began the enrichment process underground with its advanced IR-2 centrifuges, yet the nuclear deal only allows Iran to enrich uranium using its first generation IR-1 centrifuges. According to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the IR-2 is believed to have an enrichment output that is four times greater than the IR-1.

Now, Iran is also using IR-4 machines. “On 15 March 2021, the agency verified that Iran began feeding the cascade of 174 IR-4 centrifuges already installed at fep with natural UF6,” the iaea reported. Natural UF6 refers to uranium hexafluoride, which is the form of uranium that is fed into centrifuges for enrichment. While the IR-4 is not very different from the IR-2, it is still four times more efficient than the IR-1 centrifuge.

“In summary,” the report continues, “as of March 15, Iran was using 5,060 IR-1 centrifuges installed in 30 cascades, 522 IR-2m centrifuges installed in three cascades, and 174 IR-4 centrifuges installed in one cascade to enrich natural UF6 up to 5 percent U-235 at fep.” The 5 percent U-235 refers to the fissile purity of the uranium. Under the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran was allowed to purify uranium only up to 3.67 percent. In November, Iran was enriching uranium at 4.5 percent at Natanz. Now it is up to 5 percent. At the Fordo nuclear facility, Iran is enriching up to 20 percent purity.

This aggressive behavior from Iran is getting Europe’s attention.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told a hearing at the French Senate, “There is a tactical problem and, read more click the link

Simulation software: protecting organisations during the cyber war


Hackers around the world are looking for ways to black out the Internet, disrupt supply chains, and sow chaos.

It is a well-known proverb that generals always fight the last war. During World War i, millions died because generals used old trench-warfare tactics against deadly new weapons. And during World War ii, fighting the last war became even more of a problem when Germany conquered Europe using blitzkrieg tactics. So the question is: What new and innovative weapons and tactics will be used in the next world war?

Kevin Mandia, ceo of cybersecurity company FireEye, told Axios on hbo that any future real-world conflict between the United States and an adversary would likely involve a debilitating cyberattack. “The next conflict where the gloves come off in cyber, the American citizen will be dragged into it, whether they want to be or not,” he said. “Apps won’t work. Appliances may not work. People don’t even know all the things they depend on. All of a sudden, the supply chain starts getting disrupted because computers don’t work.”

As ceo of the company that uncovered the SolarWinds hack that breached the networks of several federal agencies—including the National Nuclear Security Administration—Mandia knows what he is talking about. In addition to warning about the devastating effects of the supply chain disruption that would occur if computers stopped working, he also warned about how even small countries could pose a threat to America.

“There’s no written document on what the rules are,” he said. “And I don’t know if you will get people to agree to rules on espionage because of the asymmetry where most countries can’t beat us with tanks, can’t beat us with airplanes. But in cyber, maybe that’s where they can make investments and beat us.”

Last year, Internet users were reminded just how reliant they are on companies like Google when Silicon Valley suffered a major outage for an hour. Services including Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Maps and YouTube all crashed. The outage was not the result of a cyberattack, but it still illustrates what a cyberattack on Silicon Valley could do. Shutting down a company like Google would bring the U.S. economy to a screeching halt.

The Chinese and Russian governments have been gathering information for years that could disrupt North American critical infrastructure like power plants, chemical factories and air-traffic control systems. In 2013, the security firm Mandiant detailed allegations in a 60-page report that China’s military had hacked into a Canadian firm that makes switches and other gear for oil and gas pipelines. In 2018, the Trump administration accused Russia of an operation to hack the U.S. energy grid and other critical infrastructure.

Counterintelligence specialists typically list Russia, China and Cuba as the top cyber threats to the United States, but Germany also has battalions of world-class hackers who could pose a threat to America.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry reported on the threat of cyberwarfare in 1995 when the public was dimly aware of how vulnerable a computer-run society could be.

He emphasized a statement by intelligence analyst Joseph DeCourcy: “Computer dependence is the Western world’s Achilles’ heel, and within a few years, this weakness could be tested to the full.

China Plans a ‘Polar Silk Road’

The frigid Arctic has been relatively free of geopolitical struggles. But that is changing.

China will build a “Polar Silk Road” and work to develop both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, Beijing announced in a new 2021–2025 “five-year plan” published on March 5.

The Chinese will “participate in pragmatic cooperation in the North Pole,” the draft of the plan said, and improve the nation’s “ability to participate in the protection and utilization of the South Pole.”

The plan includes the development of what China calls the Transpolar Sea Route, which would pass through the center of the Arctic Ocean and stretch only a few miles south of the North Pole itself.

Historically, the frigid Arctic was relatively free of the geopolitical struggles among world powers that have beset most other regions. But in recent decades, due to thawing ice and improving technology, this has begun to change. China’s borders do not extend into the Arctic, but it obtained observer status in the Artic Council in 2013 and has become increasingly focused on the region in recent years.

In 2018, the Chinese Communist Party published a white paper outlining the nation’s Arctic policy for the first time. The document mentioned the desire to tap into lucrative resources and develop faster new shipping routes through the region.

At the time, a Polar Silk Road was viewed as a tangential add-on to the Belt and Road Initiative, whose aim is to link Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa on a network of road, rail and shipping passages. But now that the idea is enshrined into the 2021–2025 five-year plan, its status is considerably elevated. The plan now has a place among the major aims and aspirations in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its general national strategy.

If the goals are realized, China will not only enrich itself by tapping into immense resource wealth at both poles, but also better connect itself to Russia and other nations.

The Trumpet carefully watches China’s expanding global reach and increasing power because the trend bears significance in light of Bible prophecy. Isaiah 23 discusses a “mart of nations” that will arise in modern times as an economic juggernaut. One of the leaders in the “mart of nations” will be a nation Isaiah refers to as Chittim, an ancient name for modern-day China. Also in a lead role will be Tyre, a city that refers to the commercial center of modern Europe.

Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 27 show that these two powers, along with Russia, Japan and others, will together control global trade for a brief duration. Deuteronomy 28:52 makes clear that this trade partnership will operate to America’s detriment.

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Warfare

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Warfare

What happens when computers start generating battle plans too complicated to comprehend?

In wartime, hiding your battle plan from the enemy is vitally important. The famed Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu knew the importance of concealing his long-term war strategy, and wrote: “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” For over two millennia, generals have studied Sun Tzu’s writings in hopes of being able to outmaneuver their enemies.

But what happens when computers start producing strategies too complex for a person to comprehend?

Ever since a supercomputer beat the legendary chess master Garry Kasparov in 1997, strategist have pondered the military applications of artificial intelligence algorithms. Unlike natural intelligence—which involves consciousness, emotion and the ability to make original choices—artificial intelligence makes preprogrammed decisions based on the variables fed into the machine. But the sheer number of variables a machine-learning algorithm can process is vast beyond what a human mind can comprehend.

That is why the United States Army War College is studying how artificial intelligence may change warfare by generating battle strategies too complex for a single human mind to comprehend. “I’m not talking about killer robots,” said Prof. Andrew Hill in 2019, during the War College’s first-ever chair of strategic leadership. “The issue is what happens once humans start taking military advice—or even orders—from machines.”

When machine-learning algorithms start producing war strategies, will soldiers trust a computer to guide their moves like a driver following a satellite-based navigation system? Or will they reject the potential for a superhuman cyberbattle strategy in favor of reliance on some other type of guidance system?

Fighting China

In its quest to remain the world’s superpower, the United States has invested a lot of money into artificial intelligence programs. But America may not remain the world leader in artificial intelligence for long.

China’s State Council announced in 2017 that it intended to lead the world in artificial intelligence by 2030, and China is already filing more artificial intelligence patents than any other country. In 2019, there were 1,189 artificial intelligence research firms in China—about half as many as in the United States, but more than any other nation. Many of these firms specialize in speech, image, and video recognition technology, since China uses artificial intelligence as a dystopian tool of mass surveillance as well as a military tool.

On the military front, Chinese artificial intelligence research largely revolves around the development of automated weapons systems. And its technological progress has both the United States and European Union deeply concerned. “Strategically, both the U.S. and the EU are concerned about China, so they need a tech policy that acknowledges a very aggressive position that China has taken in AI,” Marc Rotenberg, director of the Center on AI and Digital Policy at the Michael Dukakis Institute, told Politico.

Elected officials from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean met at an EU parliamentary hearing on March 1 to lay the groundwork for future cooperation against China. “Nations that do not share our commitment to democratic values are racing to be the leaders in AI and set the rules for the world,” said Rep. Robin Kelly, who has championed U.S. national strategy on artificial intelligence. “We cannot allow this to happen.”

Europe Holds First Live-Fire Cyber Exercise

Preparing for the wars of the future

The European Defense Agency (eda) held Europe’s first live-fire cyber exercise, according to a European Union press release on February 19. Over 200 cyber experts from 17 nations practiced defending European military assets from cyberattacks during the two-day event hosted by Estonia. European nations are increasing their efforts to prepare for the future of warfare, in which cyberwarfare plays a major role. Much of this is being funded by Europe’s coronavirus relief package.

To make the exercise as real as possible, cyberattacks happened in real time, professional attackers from several countries launched their attacks together, and the nations tasked with defending against them were not warned when the attacks would come or what type they would be.

Several military assets served as targets during the exercise. These included a drone control system and a network for communicating with satellites.

The eda wrote that “the entire exercise … used military planning and strategy similar to what is used in real cyber military operations.” It was designed to “push participants out of their comfort zone, asking them to use all tools, processes and procedures possible, even those not directly at hand in the exercise platform.”

Participants focused on learning to work together to counteract cyberattacks. Strategies and knowledge regarding cyberattacks are often shared between civilian organizations. However, the armed forces of different nations rarely share these, given the sensitivity of the information. The exercises, therefore, represent a major deepening of cooperation among European armies.

According to Estonia’s minister of defense, the exercises “will strengthen the resilience of the European societies and Europe as a whole.” More will be held at a later date.

The number of civilian and military devices connected to the Internet and satellite networks is constantly growing. Possibilities for a cyberattack increase accordingly. Many militaries around the world now have a formal cybercommand in addition to the regular armed forces. Europe’s three largest military powers (France, Germany and Italy) all have personnel dedicated to this field. Cyberwarfare in support of armed conflict has become more common since Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008. Today, it is expected.

Knowledge gained practicing cyberattacks is dual-use. Though usually labeled as defensive, it can also be employed in the other direction.

The EU has the necessary infrastructure to be a cyber superpower. In many ways, it already is. European data protection rules affect the entire world. Frankfurt, Germany, is home to the world’s largest Internet network exchange. This gigantic communications hub serves Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The German company that manages Frankfurt’s exchange is building similar infrastructure in the United States.

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Russia and India Strengthen Strategic Partnership

Russia and India have taken several significant steps strengthening military ties in recent weeks, in a way that reveals how one major obstacle to forming a pan-Asian military alliance will be overcome.

On February 3, tass news agency reported that around 100 Indian military specialists arrived in Russia to begin training for the operation of the S-400 Triumf missile air defense systems. The highly sophisticated S-400 was described by the Economist recently as “one of the best air-defense systems currently made.” Capable of striking aircraft and incoming missiles midflight, it is the defense system of choice for Russia, Turkey and China.

The United States imposed sanctions on both Turkey and China under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act for purchasing the system from Russia. And despite a warning from the Trump administration in 2018 that a similar purchase may invite U.S. sanctions, India went ahead with a $5 billion deal to purchase five S-400 units.

The U.S. has been determined to foster deeper ties with India, mainly as a means of countering China. And after agreeing to a $3 billion defense deal last year, Indo-U.S. relations appeared to be strengthening. But India’s S-400 purchase, and the recent arrival of Indian specialists in Russia, indicate that India is more committed to its relationship with Russia than with the U.S.

It is not difficult to see why. All together, Russia has supplied some 80 percent of India’s military equipment, and .... READ MORE, click the above link

German Military Receives Another Record Boost

For the last decade, the German military has been under-financed. Yet at the same time, Germany’s economy and industry have grown every year. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Germany has spent a record sum on its military while other nations have had to consider cutbacks.

In its recent report to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Germany stated that its projected defense spending for 2021 amounts to $63.9 billion. This represents 3.2 percent increase over the previous year. As of December 2020, 265,000 men and women, uniformed and civilian, were employed by the Bundeswehr. A total of 183,777 professional, temporary and voluntary soldiers serve in the Bundeswehr.

Yet this boost in Germany’s spending is unique. “All U.S. presidents over the past decades have advocated more defense spending by Europe’s nato partners,” nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with German news agency dpa last year. At a nato summit in Brussels in 2018, then United States President Donald Trump didn’t rule out an American withdrawal from the alliance if members did not reach the goal of spending 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense. German defense spending in 2020 was equivalent to 1.6 percent of its gdp, according to the latest nato calculations, up from 1.3 percent in 2019.

But few realize that Germany’s military strength does not lie in its numbers but in innovation.

“Though Germany isn’t a military heavyweight, the overall picture is strong,” we wrote in “Forging a Superpower.” “Its military budget is the seventh highest in the world. This rank could suddenly rise if Germany commits to rearm—for which its capacity is mighty.”

For decades, Germany has been among the world’s leading arms exporters and has established a global arms industry. At the same time, it has maintained a comparatively small core army. Due to these factors, it has been able to invest in military innovation.

For example, on January 28, the Bundeswehr ordered laser weapons from the German arms industry. Very few nations have the ability to order such technology from their own industries.

So while it is true the German military has been under-financed, its arms industry, in close cooperation with European partners, has grown steadily. What’s more, for decades Germany has had strategic insight into nato operations. It has had time to study U.S. weapons technology.

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Will China Invade Taiwan This Year?

Will China Invade Taiwan This Year?
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Is India No Longer Worried About War?

A close look at the numbers reveals a dogged determination to boost military power.

India announced on February 1 that its defense budget for 2021 will increase by only 1 percent, surprising analysts who anticipated a sharper increase because of mounting threats. But a closer look shows that India remains deeply concerned about war—and is spending in anticipation of it.

India has been embroiled in a violent dispute with China at the Ladakh border since last June. Thousands of soldiers, tanks and artillery were deployed to the border as a result. This came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared a desire to modernize the military.

However, India’s defense budget only rose from $47 billion last year to $47.4 billion this year. This fractional increase has, according to Bloomberg, cast “doubt” on India’s seriousness about military investment and modernization. But a look at the budget details reveals Delhi’s intent.

The majority of the budget used to be devoted to pensions, personnel, infrastructure and repairs. Now the allocations for these have shrunk, while the portion of the budget allocated for weapons purchases has soared by 18 percent.

This maneuvering is an impressive display of economic nous, allowing India to dramatically advance its weapons program at little extra cost.

India’s defense minister personally thanked Mr. Modi for this massive increase, which marked “the highest ever increase in capital outlay for defense in 15 years.”

‘Time Bomb’: China Authorizes Coast Guard to Fire on Foreign Ships

German Military Developing Laser Weapons With Rheinmetall and MBDA

The German government has signed a joint venture with mbda Germany and Rheinmetall Waffe Munition to develop a laser weapon for use on boats. Rheinmetall wrote in its press release on January 28: “The contract is a logical continuation of the successfully tested functional laser weapon models of recent years and combines the experience gained to create one of the most ambitious projects in the field of laser weapon development in Europe” (Trumpet translation throughout).

mbda stated in 2019, “Compared to other countries, … our two companies possess extraordinary capabilities. Lasers offer new tactical possibilities on land, at sea and in the air. In partnership with the German Navy, we want to press ahead with this new technology.” In February 2019, Rheinmetall successfully tested a laser weapon station.

“Lasers engage targets at the speed of light, with high precision and the lowest possible collateral damage,” Rheinmetall stated. “[I]t is a new generation of defense systems.” Laser weapons are considered a game-changer, enabling instant, high-precision strikes on specific components of the enemy target, leaving it defenseless yet intact.

A demonstrator with this capability is scheduled to be tested under near-operational conditions by the end of 2021. Doris Laarmann, head of Business Development Laser at mbda Germany, said: “The contract is an important step toward an operational high-energy laser system. Both companies will use their respective strengths to make the project a success for the German Navy. The demonstrator will test important topics such as the interaction of sensors, command/weapon engagement system and the effector, as well as rules of engagement on board the frigate.”

Rheinmetall’s newsletter stated that the company “has been an internationally renowned center of excellence for weapons and ammunition systems since the beginning of its more than 130-year history and has also been active in the field of laser weapon systems for many years.”

German weapons manufacturers indeed have a long history. Most recently, they have been exporting weapons around the world, supplying wars abroad. But within that 130-year history, they have also supplied two world wars. Without companies like Rheinmetall, neither the German kaiser nor Adolf Hitler could have killed millions of people.

Yet Rheinmetall seems proud of that 130-year history.

These developments in Germany’s weapons industry are striking when you consider its history. “Until the last 10 to 15 years, the Bundeswehr couldn’t fire up a tank without being accused of starting World War iii,” we wrote in “Forging a Superpower.”

Many nations have weapons manufacturers. But what other nation has a history of starting massive wars like Germany? Consider that some of the bloodiest conflicts in history centered around Germany: the Thirty Years’ War, the Wars of German Unification, World War i and World War ii.

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Antifa and Other Left-Wing Extremist Groups Breed Violence in Germany

Left-wing extremism reached a record high in Germany last year, according to data released this month by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (bmi). The number of violent crimes motivated by left-wing extremism rose from 1,052 in 2019 to 1,359 in 2020—an increase of 29 percent. In total, 9,973 left-wing, extremist-motivated crimes were recorded in 2020 (9,849 in 2019). The indication is that political movements are becoming increasingly violent. In 2019, left-wing extremist crimes had risen by 40 percent over 2018.

Linda Teuteberg, a Free Democrat in the Interior Ministry, told Welt am Sonntag: “In addition to the dynamic development in right-wing extremism and Islamism, the trend in left-wing extremism toward more and more acts of violence is also worrying. There is no ethical superiority of any variant of violent extremism, and any trivialization of criminal action as activism is forbidden.”

Last year, the intelligence agency BfV observed a change in how the criminal actions are executed. Instead of “mass militancy,” we are seeing more and more “clandestine small group actions.” The hatred is no longer expressed toward institutions only but now also on “a personal level.” The persecution of individuals is becoming increasingly popular.

Months ago, BfV revealed that at least 47 of the more than 100 Antifa groups nationwide are now being observed and classified as “extremist.”

Antifa stands for Anti-Fascist Action. “The members of the Antifa scene are united in their more or less intensive struggle against people and activities they perceive as ‘fascist,’” Die Welt noted. But in “fighting against fascism,” these radical leftists have established their own terror regime.

In 2019, German authorities identified 33,500 people as left-wing extremists; 9,200 of which are considered “violent” left-wing extremists. According to Der Spiegel sources, Germany’s domestic secret service categorized 32,080 people as potential right-wing extremists in 2019, up from 24,100 in 2018. This estimate includes 7,000 supporters of the radical wing of the far-right party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). According to the federal office’s annual report, the number of “violent” right-wing extremists was 13,000 in 2019. (The numbers have likely increased in 2020, but reports have not yet been published.)

All over Europe, the mood is intensifying. New movements are starting across ............  Read more, click above link

Candidate Biden: You Can’t Govern by Executive Order ‘Unless You’re a Dictator’  Candidate Biden: You Can’t Govern by Executive Order ‘Unless You’re a Dictator’


00:30 Executive Decrees (30 minutes)

The Joebama administration is using executive orders to implement its far-left agenda on “racial equity.” During his first week in office, Biden signed, though likely didn’t read, 37 executive orders, the most of any president in recent memory, perhaps in history. In October 2020, before Biden was installed as president, he told voters that there are things you “can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” So far, Biden’s fake presidency is functioning on executive decree alone.

33:00 Inciting Violence (11 minutes)

President Donald Trump is being impeached a second time for encouraging a peaceful march around the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. The president said on January 6: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” If that’s the standard for impeaching an elected official, every politician should be impeached.

44:00 Enshrining Fraud (11 minutes)

Democrats in Congress are trying to pass one of the most extreme and lawless voter reform bills in American history. The resolution will essentially legalize the fraud that was committed during the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election, making it possible for Democrats to “lawfully” steal every future election.

Joebama Has Arrived
Joebama Has Arrived
America Prepares for the Most Unusual Inauguration in History
America Prepares for the Most Unusual Inauguration in History

Australia: A Warning to the World

Australia: A Warning to the World
Impeachment in an Upside-down WorldImpeachment in an Upside-down World
China’s Most Dangerous Maneuver Ever Against America

China’s Most Dangerous Maneuver Ever Against America

Americans are realizing that China is a dangerous threat. But you probably won’t guess its deadliest anti-U.S. stroke.

China has become one of the world’s most aggressive and dangerous powers. Its leaders clearly have the ambition to rule the world! And China’s danger and ambition is multiplied by its remarkably close partnership with Russia.

But the biggest problem China poses is not generally mentioned. This is something that American politicians, especially, want to forget. Perhaps even the American people want to forget it because they share in the blame for letting this maneuver happen. This problem may prove to be the most insidious move by China against America in history. And it will plague the United States in the near future!

I’m talking about China’s takeover of the Panama Canal.

Economic Power

Carving a channel through Central America was a goal for centuries. But it wasn’t until 1880 that France made the first concerted attempt under Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French entrepreneur who had completed the Suez Canal. The French spent the modern equivalent of $6 billion, only to abandon it after disease and accidents killed more than 22,000 laborers. Building an interoceanic canal appeared impossible.

But in 1903, United States President Theodore Roosevelt convinced the Panamanians to declare independence from Colombia and signed a landmark treaty with them. America paid France $40 million for its equipment and excavations and paid the Panamanians an initial payment of $10 million. Then the Americans went down and started digging!

Roosevelt was the first president to really see that America should be a world power. And he governed as if America was a world power, not just a colony of Europe.

After 10 years of innovation and backbreaking toil, hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars, and losing over 5,600 lives themselves, the Americans succeeded where so many others had failed. They turned the 400-year-old dream of slicing apart North America and South America and mingling the waters from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans into reality.

Rather than sailing 8,000 miles around the dangerous cape at the end of South America, sailors could now transit the 51-mile canal in less than half the time.

One of the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World,” the.....   READ MORE, CLICK THE IMAGE

The Appalling Attack on American Free Speech

The Appalling Attack on American Free Speech
Russia’s Avangard Missiles Ready for Launch in 2021

Russia’s Avangard Missiles Ready for Launch in 2021
Four Big Asia Stories of 2020

Four Big Asia Stories of 2020

Australia: A Warning to the World

The consequences of growing too cozy with China

For the last three decades, the world has been drawing closer to China. Of all major Western nations, Australia has gotten closer than any other. And now it is realizing the fearsome consequences of that embrace.

It may be too late for Australians to pull out of the relationship. But their fate is a powerful warning to the rest of the world.

Money, Money, Money

It started with a business relationship.

After growing at an astonishing annual rate of around 10 percent for some 30 years, China is now, by some measures, the world’s largest economy. It takes a massive amount of raw materials to fuel such growth, making Australia a perfect trade partner.

In 2017, one third of Australia’s exports went to China, and nearly a quarter of its imports came from China.

Soon the economic relationship went beyond trade. China started buying up huge tracts of Australia. Chinese companies own more than 1 percent of Australia’s land area, including coal mines, energy companies, cattle farms, tourist resorts and even tens of thousands of private homes.

By the end of 2019, China was officially Australia’s ninth-largest foreign investor. However, much Chinese investment is also funneled through Hong Kong, Australia’s fifth-largest investor.

The flourishing economic relationship affected other areas of Australian life. In 2015, a Chinese company closely tied to China’s Communist government signed a 99-year lease of Australia’s northernmost port in Darwin. The port is vital to the Australian military and also hosts a United States military base. Chinese companies also signed contracts for a 99-year lease on the port of Newcastle, a share in the port of Melbourne, and a 100-year lease on Western Australia’s Merriden airport.

All this trade necessitated a close political relationship. In 2014 the Australian government invited President Xi Jinping to address Parliament.


But this political relationship developed a dark side. China is being credibly accused of bribing Australian politicians and interfering with Australian elections.

In 2017, Australia’s public television station, abc, released a report showing that billionaires affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party were donating millions to Australia political parties and building close relationships with Australia’s political elites. In 2018 Charles Sturt University ethics professor Clive Hamilton published an explosive book titled Silent Invasion. It documents the governing Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of Australian corporations, universities, government and even religions.

Hamilton warns that China is turning Australia into a puppet state. China, he says, has received a wave of “billionaires with shady histories and tight links to the party, media owners creating Beijing mouthpieces, ‘patriotic’ students brainwashed from birth, and professionals marshalled into pro-Beijing associations set up by the Chinese Embassy.” He alleges that Chinese spies coordinated a penetration into all levels of Chinese society.

In the aftermath of these allegations, Australian Sen. Sam Dastyari resigned, and the nation had to change its rules on politicians receiving donations from abroad.

Other politicians appear to have received thinly disguised bribes. Special Envoy Andrew Robb, for example, was the man who signed off on China leasing Port Darwin for a century. And what was waiting for him immediately upon leaving political office? An estimated $2 million plus expenses over three years—at the company to whom he had just leased the port.

But Chinese influence on Australian governance has been even more aggressive than all this. Three months prior to Australia’s 2019 elections, someone hacked the computer systems of the Australian Parliament and all major Australian political parties. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at the time that the attack was “sophisticated” and probably the work of a foreign government.

It has since emerged that this sophisticated foreign government was China.

Trade War

Chinese infiltration and aggression has caused Australians to change their position toward their large, wealthy northern neighbor.

The turnaround started gradually. In 2016 the Australian government blocked Chinese investment in the nation’s energy infrastructure over national security concerns. In 2018 they blocked Huawei Technologies from developing Australia’s 5G network.

But the real break came this year. Australia tried to hold China responsible for the spread of covid-19, and conducted investigations into the origins of the virus.

China reacted with fury. The Chinese Communist Party placed tariffs on Australian barley, wheat